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Hard Truths for PAPI line members.

Pilots of PAPI, I have some hard truths for you.


On Feb 12 I shared four hard truths for small-time Legacy pilots. At the time, PAPI took my post as propaganda and shitposting. Read it again. As time as shown, it was 100% correct.

On April 12, I shared three hard truths for big-time Legacy pilots. Again, it was taken as shitposting, and again it was not. I was simply telling the truth.

Now it is June 12, and I have more hard truths to bring, this time for all PAPI pilots.

1) Your Leaders Have Been Lying to You

Your leaders present an appearance of calm trustworthiness and expertise, (while my leader (PBUH) hardly speaks three sentences in a row without injecting either profanity, or references to his sex life, or references to his drug use.) But whereas our leader (PBUH) is honest with us—both about himself and about the war—your leaders are obviously lying to you.

a) This war was never about Goons.

You haven't been on some year-long crusade to save New Eden from Goons. You've been on a year-long crusade to save Legacy from being nullsec's permanent third wheel. Legacy wanted to eliminate either PanFam or the Imperium and take their place as one of the two biggest powers in nullsec. Its first target was PanFam, and Legacy asked their Imperial allies to start a war with them. When the Imperium declined (our leaders aren't dumb), Legacy reached out to PanFam. Gobbins and co. were happy to settle old scores and permanently smash their then nemesis Imperial Legacy at little risk to themselves. Your leadership's commtiment to "hunt the Goon wherever we find them" is nothing more than moralistic cover for a war of aggression motivated by a desire for more power. It's a lie they tell you to keep you motivated to fight.

b) There is no plan for victory.

Your leaders speak like they understand the path to victory; it's just a metter of timing and working out some details. The truth is, they don't have a clue how to take 1DQ. You yourself can see the challenges involved. If all of PAPI's combined might can't kill a jump bridge or an iHUB in six weeks, how can you hope to kill 1DQ? What your leaders are really doing is stalling for time hoping we'll stop logging in. Their shows of confidence are simply lies they tell you to keep you motivated to fight.

c) Your theorycrafting isn't better than ours.

In a recent townhall PGL emphasized again and again how great your theorycrafters (i.e. him) are and how stupid ours are. He specifically mentioned Mittani's reference to SS fighters as a counter to Harpies as "so so stupid." "That's the level of intellect we're dealing with here." Yet within days you guys had your Harpies annihilated by SS fighters and lost 150 billion in a stand up fight. What more evidence do you need? You can see with your own eyes how the war is going. You can see with your own eyes what has come of the invasion of O-EIMK. Your leaders are lying to you to keep you logging in.

2) The Tide is Turning

Post after post on here shows the truth. Your own experience on fleets shows the truth. OUR experience on fleets shows the truth. PAPI pilots are losing interest. The momentum is shifting. The only thing that would bring PAPI pilots back into the war is a significant breakthrough in O-EIMK. That will never happen now. What's left is months of sov war in Delve that we will win. You now have the same problem we had before. Too many systems to defend. Too few pilots to defend them. And for too many of your pilots, you have the added challenge of too little motivation to log in. The motivation is on our side. We're defending our home! We want revenge! The strategic landscape is on our side. The momentum is on our side. PAPI reached its high watermark in this war on May 14. But the tide is Turning.

3) You are Becoming the Thing you Swore to Destroy

As the uncomfortable realities of your leaders' failure to plan for total victory are settling in, the PAPI community is shifting the goalpost from "victory" to "containment." Only a few short weeks ago it was "you know you're losing this war" and "we will hunt the Goon wherever we find them." Now more and more PAPI pilots recognize that taking 1DQ is impossible (which we have always known), and so they are turning to containment instead. "Why should we keep feeding a defended gate. Let US be the defenders instead." But of course, you can only hope to do that by bluing the entire rest of null. And so to support your war of aggression against the Imperium, you will hollow out and stagnate the rest of null. You will erase the diversity and color of EVE's dynamic landscape are replace it with a simple, boring binary. For us or against us. You are becoming hypocrites. You are making Viceroyalty a reality. You are creating Serenity 2.0. You talk about doing what's best for the game, but you're really just doing what's best for yourselves now that your leaders have led you into a dead end and you have followed them there.

PAPI's War was a good ride.
We got a year of great content. Some of the best ever in EVE's history.
We got the biggest supercap battle ever.
We got an unprecedented glassing of Keepstars and structures.

But it's time for the charade to end.
Goons will not be exterminated. 1DQ will not fall.
We will win the inevitable sov war in Delve, however long it is.
We have a right to extract our payment in blood from Legacy, and rest assured nothing will stop us from doing so. As with CO2, so with TEST.

But PAPI, it's time to reset. You've done what you could.

New Eden needs to move on from PAPI's War.


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