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Hecate and the Svipul – Help a brotha out

Hey all,

Returning newbro here, a rewbro if you will. My small corp and I have recently discovered T3 destroyers by getting killed by them repeatedly. I always shrugged them off in the ship tree because the description made them seem really complicated, but after I simulated a fit and saw how the modes worked I kind of fell in love and have been losing flying T3Ds the past few days nonstop. I have a couple of questions and have searched all over youtube and google, but soooo much eve stuff seems outdated and I know T3Ds got a nerf a few years back. I can't think of a way to ask all my questions without it seeming like word vomit so I'll just throw them out there along with my understanding.

I've been flying the Svipul. I liked the idea of a instalocking arty fit that just sits on gates with my corp mates and locks and pops whatever small stuff comes through. I was able to get this fit together pretty easily with around 2k alpha and like ~2400 scan resolution. It's a fun, but very binary, playstyle and is pretty noob friendly in my opinion. I tried out a brawler fit with autocannons, and man it just feels so bad. That led to some more research and I found a post from 2019 (the most recent out there) talking about how the Svipul is garbage now and most of the comments seemed to agree. The dps is so low in brawling range compared to the Hecate it just seems like a bad choice? My Svipul brawler fit has like 1k more EHP than my Hecate fit, but the Hecate is legit like double the damage and has a warp time in under 2s in prop mode.

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After losing a 2v1 brawl against a Hecate (my bud and I were the 2), I sent the guy a chat request like I often do after getting bodied to try and see what I can improve on. The guy had 930 dps and melted us in like 12 seconds, honestly. I asked if I should have gone in defense mode or what and he said the way he views it, if you have to go in defense mode you are probably already dead and I mostly just want to try and keep range via web and disruptor. He gave me some fit advice and I thanked him, but I still felt like there was no way I was going to out brawl that Hecate in my Svipul just based on the damage numbers. Outside of the arty instalock builds I'm struggling to find a reason to fly the Svipul. Am I right in that or is there a big gap in my understanding? I looked at the zkillboard stats for both ships and it seems like the Hecate is the wayyyyyy more popular ship right now, so that may be a good indicator of the strength.

Are there any good sources for learning how to fly T3Ds well? Youtube has a lot of kill montages and stuff, but nothing instructional and I love listening and watching tutorials. I know just flying and dying over and over is the number one way to learn (and I enjoy that lol) but some supplemental knowledge for me to take back to my corpmates would be good too. I always share good instructional vids I find so we can all get better.

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Any general advice when flying T3Ds? Any thoughts on the ships and how they are perceived amongst the vets of Eve?

Thanks for reading this o7

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