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HED Fortizar AAR – Dock Perspective

Content of the article: "HED Fortizar AAR – Dock Perspective"

HED Fortizar AAR – We Got Dock!

“Dock Workers is influential within lock range of a gate in Kourmonen” – Reddit 2020

I admit, the gerbils have been resting in their cages in our lowsec villa for the last few months while mainly disturbing the local gate network of Orca bots. Given, every now and then we like to put the animals to work in the form of wormhole dives and drops on unsuspecting super ratters. In this case, the gerbils were let loose upon Catch properly for the first time since our deployment there months ago. See Here


We recently started a fresh deployment in null. After a few months taking it easy, compared to our hectic schedule last summer, we were all eager to jump right back into the fold of disrupting a place we hate to live in but love to visit: Nullsec.

However, ghosts from our past decided to emerge. One of the few permanent blues we retain routinely runs fun fleets into null, and graciously invites us along, on a weekly basis. On last week’s fleet, it was noted that diamond rats were rfing a Brave fortizar in HED. No Forks did the polite thing and helped the rats burn through armor as well. So, the timer was set, and we became interested in finishing what the good Bob started.


The day was upon us and, the doctrine flavor, after some lovely discussion, was chosen to be Zealots (Zee-lots). The gerbils fit a tracking disruptor into their wheel, and we were off. Just getting to HED became an adventure. Two titan bridges and a wormhole chain (thank you NFG) materialized us on the field. Between soundboards being blared on comms and memes being shared in fleet, we were already having fun.

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The first few minutes were relaxed. We shot the fort a bit and waited for the defenders to make the first move. Numbers looked relatively even at initial glance, and we suspected a slugfest was about to occur. What we got was an hour of solid, non-tidi combat, something the gerbils thrive on. While we were going through scimis and muninns at a respectable rate, our critical ships were taking a beating. We began losing our web lokis and hics, critical for the application/projection of our damage and for providing needed screening. The back and forth continued for the full hour, with Brave reinforcing their fleet while our dead waited in lowsec to hear the final toll.

Hold On Strong Little Loki:

Our Hics were wiped, and we remained reliant on dictors. Not ideal, but it worked. The bigger concern at this point was our entire loss of all but 1 web loki. With a 96% burnt armor plate, burnt afterburner, burnt hardener, and webs repaired more times than an old Dodge, the fleet was vested in our loki’s future. We held the field long enough, with reps poured onto our loki, to garner the win against their reinforcements. The fort died, and we had a blast.

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A shout out to NFG for our continued relationship and their part in this night. A huge thank you to our Init. and bridging/comms friends for their support. Props to our final loki pilot for flying with slaves. You da real MVP.

Most importantly, thank you to val and all others who called out relevant information to make the big plays.

Win or lose, we always hope to have fun in a fight. We had a blast and hope Brave enjoyed themselves as well. Thank you for the fight! : )

Dock Workers are coming to a standing fleet near you

“Somebody pod this toucan!” – Val 2021

Video: Here

Battle report can be found in video description.

Source: reddit.com

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