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HS carebear with 13M SP who keeps dabbling in low/null and is starting to get the itch to go outside empire, but I have questions on who I should look at.

Older player, on and off regular player, generalist. Each day is a "what am I feeling today?" thing and one day its exploring, then mining, then half-assed industry, then tenth-assed PVP, then solid PVE (L3 level). 13 million SP, I've been in and out a bit for ten+ years. Some weekend days or evenings I can knock out 1-5 hours and 30-60 minutes here and there on weekdays and weeknights. Sometimes I'm out for days and sometimes gotta log out like a hot potato with no warning (work on call, etc).

I stayed out of player corps for a long time after my old one drifted apart. I went in and out of the game after in an NPC corp. I came back more regularly last year and ended up with a nice corp that focuses on high sec industry and they're wonderful but that's all they do; everyone pitches in on upkeep on the swell POSs and then go our separate way but for chat and moon mining in our home areas. They are very nice but there's not many active at any given time and there's no fleets outside mining. My old long ago corp used to run WH ops and send fleets of Ravens out to rampage through L4s routinely, dragging newer players in whatever they could fly to 'pitch in' even if just salvage. It was fun.

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I started dabbling in low sec and null at long last and I guess I'm getting that itch finally. I can't do stuff where I'll be expected to do mandatory fleets at whatever scheduled time with live voice regularly, but would love to have someplace I could pitch in when I'm available, and where there's enough people and action that if I have time on a Saturday night I can do stuff like hop into a fleet for PVE, PVP, cov ops (I'm starting to fall in love with that!), and similar. Bonus if it's areas where I can do solid exploring in my free time and solid PI possibilities as I figure that out.

I understand the ISK can be a lot better in null too (true…?), and more ISK to be able to waste on frivolous ship purchases that will soon be forgotten by the next whim or exploded is a nice bonus. I'm working my main and main alt up to Cranes right now and was thinking about transport past that with my own PI setup. I'm kinda sick of mining outside of semi-afk on the side screen during WFH. I'm even half tempted to dump $50 on plex for a stockpile of ISK that'll take me years to burn through on the 50M ISK and less ships I tend to like. ISK is just a means to an end, not the end, just like real life money.

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I'd probably prefer a big alliance that's likely to outlast me and where I can be one of many. I want to see hundreds or thousands of names constantly instead of a dozen during a hot night. I suppose routinely I'd be one of those guys that just lives deep in the guts of the alliance space and goes out on fleets sometimes. I've done the high level leadership thing in other games several times over the years, for some big groups. I really just want to be part of the team now and add my token contributions, and have some fun people to fly with, with regular activity options beyond high sec mining.

Chill/fun/active is desired with options for regular "pick up" PVE, PVP, or even mining fleets during the day.

What are some alliances or corps I should look at where a generalist type like me could pitch in when I'm online and have a long term home? I had looked at the Goons, Pandemic Horde (I took a cruise in their vicinity exploring and was floored how many clusters of huge activity were in so many apparent areas), and a couple of others mostly around the northwest and northeast of the map on Dotlan when I was looking at who controls what. I do not know the pros and cons of any of them and any reddit or forum research is basically wading through years of shitposting and half-assed hilarious propaganda.

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US West time zone for activity level considerations.



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