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I have no desire to play this game anymore

Content of the article: "I have no desire to play this game anymore"

Nah it all started about a month ago when I lost my carrier. That didn't bother me. I'm in Delve, in wartime, neut lingered a little too long in local and right as I was thinking that was a bit odd, I got dropped. Took two bombers with me, RIP Nid. It happens, I was careless.

And then just, I don't know. I'm genuinely not upset about my carrier loss, but then it became, "well there went your only source of income and you only have one account so there's that because you never subscribed to the whole you need x many alts, a cyno alt, scout alt, travel alt, market alt, this alt, that alt' mentality a lot of players have, just not for you, and you don't have enough to replace your carrier but also CBF to rat in a subcap, and you don't have the money for any thing else, so….now what do you do". And I thought about that for a couple weeks while I played anything else, or just logged in, sat in station.

CBF to join fleets. I see the pings, I just….I don't know. I have enough in assets and I could just sell a couple PLEX and be back on my feet, but suddenly everything EVE-related was a chore. And it's not exactly like I was playing 8, 10, 12, 18 hours per day before either, I think I played 2-3 hours a day. I'm not an FC, I don't run fleets, and I don't have any corp or alliance responsibilities. I'm ye olde average F1 grunt. I don't know what or if I burned out about.

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An alliancemate gives me a couple billion as a loan to replace the Nid, I didn't even do that. I almost feel like I should give it back to him because it's just sitting there doing nothing, the ISK is. I actually said that the loan would incentivize me to play again because now I need to make enough to pay him back. But just, I honestly don't know what's wrong with me.

I'm not hating on EVE. Or CCP. Or Goons, PAPI, TEST, any of the alliances currently at war. I'm not blaming anyone or anything, I just don't know why I sit here staring at my screen unable to do anything. Hell I don't even know what I'm writing this post for. I don't know why I'm here. I just think maybe something is actually wrong with me and the first step to fixing it would be to tell someone. Maybe it's SAD. Maybe it's the weather or the fact that it gets dark at 5pm or the fact that this pandemic took a toll on all of us. I don't know. I just know I can't bring myself to actually undock, go to this Keepstar, buy everything, fit it, undock, make money…just seems exhausting for some reason even though it's just clicking a mouse.

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Well anyway, thanks for reading. I'm sorry, I know this post had no real point and I just rambled but I don't know, I just wanted to share with people who at least know what EVE is, so.

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