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If you had to put eve to a song, what would it be?

Content of the article: "If you had to put eve to a song, what would it be?"

list the songs and reason why….. To me eve can be the best of the best and worse of the worse, but somehow we keep coming back no matter what happens to you in eve. Many songs are relevant, The Correspondents – Fear & Delight, Poison – Every Rose has a Thorn, Veda – Wicked Little Monster . Please list your song and what reason it fits… I prefer rock, but any song you can thing of that fits this game. DMX—-X Gon' Give It To Ya, works for leadership and old eve players. Eminem song Till I collapse, legit the build up to the war that is happening…..this is how I feel like when I play eve, song: City Wolf Face In The Dark (ft. Panther)—-If you get the game, lets see how creative eve players can be ^_^ This is how eve will be, a montage.

This is how I view eve with ccp changing stuff…. Fame On Fire – Iggy Azalea – Black Widow (Rock Cover), Feat. Twiggy

How I view eve…. Club Danger – Ready To Play

When you got to war in eve… gangsters paradises-Coolio also Kid Ink – Ride Out- also could be used for when your corp comes together to pvp.

When your on the edge of destruction in your ship, but you survive…. Rakefire – Unstoppable

When you die and come back for revenge in eve and win…. Downplay – The One Who Laughs Last

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Small gang pvp…. Disturbed – The Vengeful One

For when the enemy wont stop coming at you… Notorious BIG- Hypnotize ——— This is more like goons not stopping on killing all the enemies titans…. enjoy a laugh…..

If you want I can add videos of anime/cgi songs to make this more relevant(nothing about eve), but I did not want people to spam hate for that stuff, thus I let it be basic topic.

One last thing, dj for goons on twitch, your fraking great at your job….

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