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I’m FED UP: Part 1 “The Azbel Will Be Saved”

Hi guys, I'm FEDUP and I'm fed up.

A brief history:

It all started in December of 2020. We'd been working hard in the war for months, and at little risk to our own home. The R64s were flowing, the Ishtars were spinning in the havens, and Silver promised our efforts in Delve would be rewarded with a new home. "Just push a little harder", he said.

That all changed when INIT and Deepwater Hooligans were sent to Curse. We knew they would be sent eventually. We were on the edge of the war, but the coalition said they would be able to defend us on the important timers, and we trusted them. INIT was a pain. They did entosis in off-tz's, cloaky camped, and blopsed on ratters. Yet, Silver's position was the same. "It's fine."

After a few weeks of skirmishing with the Hooligans, INIT became less prevalent, but Hooligans hired cloaky campers to camp every system in our pocket. We could not rat or mine at all, and in the moons we did try to mine together, Hooligans would drop blops on us. IHubs and TCUs began to fall in the outer loop of our little Immensea pocket, but Silver again cried, "It's fine!". "We don't care about that space, they're tryharding and wasting their time to do nothing, they will get bored". He listed off every excuse in the book, but I saw through it. It seemed as though the coalition was unwilling to save us unless the timers were actually important. (Whatever that means).

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The Hooligans hit one of our Azbels for production and after a skirmish on the armor timer, it was sent to hull. Somewhere in the process, Kontra told us that the Azbel would be safe and that Delve was the way forward. Obviously that didn't work out. Even after Vily turned up with a Muninn fleet to defend a W4RP Tatara that came out around the same time, we got slaughtered by a Dreadbomb Tengu fleet while Hooligans wailed away on the Azbel.

Shortly after the Azbel loss, Silver released a SOTA that basically said we were going to turtle up in our staging and only defend "important stuff". Two weeks later, you can see how well that's worked. Part two coming soon.

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