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Imperium liberates D-W from invaders

Content of the article: "Imperium liberates D-W from invaders"

Continuing their momentum after trapping hundreds of papi supers after the pewpew in M2, Imperium fleets liberate the NJU constellation containing 4 keepstar systems including M2 almost completely uncontested. This was followed by retaking SVM to complete the reconquest of the W-4 constellation.

Today we saw Imperium freedom fighters form up to retake D-W, the PL capitol system and home of one of the Imperium's old cap staging systems (a critical system for papi as this would be the first keepstar in delve they could attack that actually has assets inside of it). In typical fashion the Imperium fought outnumbered, and made ground quickly before papi hackers managed to get started on their own nodes. The Imperium managed to get the system down to 11% before papi (with their significantly shorter hacking times) hacked the system back to 53%, but then the nodes being captured by the Imperium started to finish bringing the system back under the control of the liberators.

You can see the hacking progress timeline here:

And the battle report here with the Imperium losing 68.66b and papi losing 77.51b:

During this a papi carrier tried to log into the M2 camp and suffered the same fate as those that came before him:

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There was also whatever this is being caught by the camp:

After losing the ihub papi responded by welping a small fleet into 1DQ losing another 2.59b:

Imperium forces liberate another keepstar ihub in PDE from invading forces.
A TEST Ragnarok logs in inside the M2 camp and is quickly dispatched

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