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Joined Dreddit and I lost 400mils in two days x.x

I am a carebear, I was always a carebear, I never entered null-sec, and rarely did I entered low sec, and when I did it was in a cloak in a system without players in it. A week or so ago, I couldn't bear anymore hi-sec, got burned from missions a decade ago, and left EvE. But returned before a month, and was probing around, like everyone else. Funny thing, before exploration was a niche profession for sciency guys with big SP numbers….now everyone is exploring. And it ain't fun.

So I was looking at recruitment stuff, found one corp, then other, then bumped into Dreddit. I read about them, (checked theirs only fans account) and I liked what I've seen. I applied and a long process started, you know where you provide to them everything. Then the recruiter asked for a picture of you know what, but I needed to write with marker Dreddit on it. To show that I am serial, so I complied. He was very satisfied. * *After many nude pics, from him to me and vice versa I got in! Oh, my joy!

But then I noticed some strange red icon on my left upper corner…it says that we are in a war. I was shocked! I was looking at Dodixie local, name after name trying to find red guys. It was so scary, idea that someone can shot at me without my loved CONCORD officers punishing them.

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But I needed to move to Delve to clean up our new home. That was a bargain that I struck. You see, I ain't much of a pilot, but if Dreddit needs me to raise the morale of pilots fighting for freedom, I will be there I will raise that morale, it will be rock hard! 59 or so jumps through low and null sec….NO WAY!!! I seriously thought that null sec is much closer, like 10jumps from Dodixie… I ain't jumping through 59 systems…(never was said by a freighter pilot.) Someone mention to me wormholes, like a proper Dodixie carebear I never entered one, but there are people who like to probe them. So after getting info from probers, and getting lost, and then wandering around in some strange dark holes I was in Querious.

Setting up a course to T5ZI, and then there was some storm, which my Buzzard named Kitty Cat, managed to survive. I find it pretty it was pinkish-purple haze But suddenly local was all red. I warped into a bubble. OMG! Near my port side there was a can named "sorry for your cloak"…but I was still cloaked..take that goons! Slowly I sneaked closer and closer to the gate to T5ZI surrounded by a blob of bees and their slaves, I jumped and FREEDOM! Everyone was blue on grid. I never had seen so many ships nor was I tethered ever before. It's a carebear dream, being safe but outside of the station! People were liberating slaves from the grasp of goons. Mothers were allowed once again to breastfeed their newborns, there were free vacines for everyone. And everyone was so nice and sweet in local. I was given free Titan, it was a Thrasher named Titan…but it's a Titan.

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So as a good carebear, I got a tengu, fitted it for rats, and went in some anomalies. It was so fun and nice, but suddenly I smelled unwashed hair and cheap vodka, and the next moment I had 14 Russians on top of me! It was not my first time to have 14 Russians on top of me, but it was my first time in EvE. So that happened. My cherry was popped by Russians, again. I was furious with myself. While there were no combat probes near me 10ly away, and I was aligned, instantly I got scrammed, because I forgot that I was in an anomaly which can be warped into by anyone with a glass of vodka, even if they don't use shampoo, without you know like before, investing in skills in order to scan any signature, and actually dedicating yourself to it.

After that I jumped into Manticore and gate camped….it was fun! For carebears reading this, it's a similar feeling to killing NPCs in mission pockets, without the need to tank, loot sucks.

I thought to myself. You know, goons really need to be banished from null-sec, not because they mocked the death of an EvE player a decade ago, nor it is because of metagaming BoB. And it's not because they dented my pockets more than they know. It's simply because it's fun.

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Do I regret joining Dreddit….no. Do I think that null-sec is fun…yes!

Proof that this happened https://zkillboard.com/character/1731307367/

text in italics may be the product of the twisted mind and should not be seen as truthful…oh at all

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