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LANTORN LEAKS: The Machariel Cartel

Day after day RC forms to kill some “strategically important” Snuff Fortizars in Lantorn/Siseide. Very brave of them you might think, but is it actually?

Spoiler: It’s not. It’s an Inside Job

TheLastSparton, RocketX and others are getting paid by Snuffed Out to feed Machariels. Sounds crazy but hear me out.

Connecting the dots:

1) Machariels

Take a look at the Machariel prices. The price went up big time since Snuffed Out deployed to Lantorn. With every Mach dying, the price keeps going up. Meanwhile Snuffed replaced their own Mach Doctrin with TFI’s. Coincidence? I think not! Snuffed are sitting on a gigantic stockpile of Machariels, just waiting to cash out!

And did you ever wonder, why RC only uses a T2 Machariel fit?

Step 1: Have a T2 Machariel Doctrine

Step 2: Form to help valued allies kill Snuff Fortizar

Step 3: Feed (T2 Machariels, many pilots without Slaves, big yikes)

Step 4: Get paid by snuffed for feeding a Mach fleet every two days

Step 5: ???

Step 6: Profit

Step 7: Repeat

2) The Titan Incident

Let’s go back two weeks in time. SSGRN + RC keep trying to defend their structures against Snuffed, but most of the time they fail. They feed more and more stuff, the morale is low. Then suddenly, after winning multiple fights against RC, Snuff decides to drop Titans in USTZ (RC’s strongest Timezone), in the middle of bumfuck nowhere.

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One Titan bumps hard and ends off far away from the main titan blob. Cyno goes up ,dreads jump in and they kill the titan. So far you might think, bad RNG what can you do, but from here it’s starting to get fishy.

On top of the bumping, it took Snuff AGES to light that fax cyno. Nothing unusual you might think, but we are talking about Snuff. These guys bring 3 cyno’s to a 10 man frigate roam.

And take a look at who the titan pilot was. It was Yonis Pserad. Yeah exactly, the Yonis Pserad from reddit. The #1 Snuff Shitposter loses his titan, due to multiple “unfortunate” circumstances. His Titan? According to Yonis himself it wasn’t even his Titan! And only 1 day later, the titan is already replaced. I hope you can see what I see. It all adds up.

  1. The timing (RC morale at an all-time low)
  2. The Timezone
  3. The weird location (Mya where the fuck is that even?)
  4. The bump
  5. Late fax Cyno
  6. The Pilot

Despite all these contradictions the plan worked. Suddenly the morale is high again. The RC fighting spirit is back. Grr Snuffed. More Machariel Fleets, more feeding, Machariel prices go up even more.

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3) Dank Leaks

Still don’t believe me? Then fasten your seatbelts and get ready for some dank leaks. Thanks to our spysec infrastructure we managed to wiretap the Machariel Cartel.

Here is a secret conversation that we intercepted: https://pastebin.com/BpUFAhrR

@ RC Members: You are getting played by your own leadership. WAKE UP !!1!!11!!

@ Snuffed Out: You should have paid the 5bil. Now everyone knows about the dirty games that you are playing HAHAHAHA


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