EVE Online

large scale brawl in 3-D and surrounding systems

full BR killmails still trickling in.

In mid USTZ, papi used their T5Z > E-VK jump bridge to move two muninn fleets and a small jackdaw fleet into the 3-DQMT system (any papi members filling in FC's would be great, I think it's progod and deveron since they are who I scrammed but not sure). The three fleets proceeded to start reinforcing the jump bridge that linked the system to 1DQ. Imperium pinged Muninns and Feroxes under Alterari Phoenix and Tom Flood respectively, with supporting tornados. The Muninn fleet was first to jump into system via the jump bridge, with the Ferox fleet being bruised by a bombing run on the ansiblex.. This also had the effect of putting 1DQ in tidi, and causing the muninn fleet to be split between 1DQ and 3-D. The FC called for decloak while only a small portion of the fleet had exited tunnel into 3-D, with the rest of the fleet being in tunnel or stuck in the tidi'd 1DQ. This resulted in the Imperium fleet taking a severe mauling at the start of the fight.

Eventually, the rest of the Muninn Fleet was able to load and the two fleets began trading muninns. The close range and very high alpha of Muninns meant that the large majority of targets were alpha'd right off the field, with the pace of exchange increasing with the arrival of the Imperium Ferox fleet. Due to the system being directly connected to 1DQ and 1 gate + JB from T5Z, both sides started frantically reshipping while trading ships for the next hour. Imperium formed a medium sized Cerberus fleet under Asher Elias while Papi reinforced with a much larger jackdaw fleet,

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Eventually, the reinforcement of the JB was finished off by the remaining drones and occasional gunfire, putting a stop to immediate Imperium reshipping. The Imperium fleets pulled back from the ansiblex while awaiting additional reinforcement through the N-8 gate, while Papi killed the lif that had jumped with the Muninn fleet. With the ansiblex reinforced, the Papi fleet moved to disengage through the E-VK gate.

Afterwards the Imperium fleets decided to go into E-VK and reinforce the ansiblex and beacon in system. Papi counter-formed eagles and carriers/dreads. Unfortunately I can't give any details on the fight that went on in E-VK since all of my alts died and got podded back to 1DQ very quickly and I then fell asleep at my keyboard.

Overall good fight to papi. As for Imperium, we made quite a number of unforced errors that ended up hurting fleet effectiveness significantly.


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