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Minmatar Militia: the logistical backbone of Amarr Militia

It comes as no surprise to most people when I admit that I have very few, if any, actually original thoughts. Most of the doctrines I use are stolen from other entities. One such doctrine, the CTRLV (recruiting btw) gila/basi comp, I stole shamelessly from Templis CALSF (recruiting btw). When not feeding to double their numbers in battleships or getting memed by smartbombs, the gilas punch above their weight and are a pretty good go-to doctrine.


Unsurprisingly, minmatar militia, who also seem to struggle with originality, imported the comp as well for the recent system siege of Arzad (OUR-ZAD). The battle for Arzad and adjacent systems have been fierce, claiming T E N S of isk across multiple engagements over the last few weeks. Seeking to better the militia, one enterprising minmil militia member was apparently very very fond of the secondhand gila comp, importing some ~30 gilas, 10 basis, and 10 broadswords to hand out to minmil fleet mates to contest amarr.


For reasons to which I am not privy, the minmil member that imported the gilas decided yesterday that he no longer favoured the comp, and tried to dump it harder than southern states are dumping hydroxychloroquine


Selling 10 Broadswoards, 29 Gilas, 3 rooks & 12 basis in Tararan, 180mil each or all for 6.6bil! Let me know. All are fitted too.


For reference, the approximated value of the ships and fit was 14.03 bil isk.


Eager to help minmatar deplete their assets in their forward staging system of Tararan while simultaneously helping amarr restock doctrines at half price, a extremely sneaky and not-at-all obivious spy alt eagerly volunteered to assist in helping with the liquidation, soliciting a direct contract of the fitted ships.


Needless to say, the ships are now in our hands, and are being asset safetied within system at almost no cost. To be fair, they are ships formerly owned and operated by minmil, meaning that some effort needs be expended to clean the saliva off the bridge windows before we can begin licking them ourselves. Just as soon as that is done though, we'll be agressively feeding plexing in them.


Thanks for the ships minmil. At the end of the day it's just more ships for me to feed into the gaping maw of your typhoon doctrine anyway, so it's kindof a win for both sides <3


See you in the plexes o/

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