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My EVE Online Solutions – December 2021

So, I've been quietly playing EVE alone for a little bit now. I adore it. It runs in the background while I rant in real life. However, I've been pouring over hundreds of videos and articles. I hear the negative vibes. Then I read this fantastic article by DunkDinkle, which every single human should see:

I've been thinking about how EVE could refresh for months–deeply examining the tipped scales. I think I can bring balance back to our game. I'm not trying to offend. Please don't be cross. I only hope to help. I would love to hear feedback–pro or con–of all types.

I believe EVE should do the following:

1) Problem: Too many big ships.
There are too many ships and even when there's a battle there are even more ships in reserve. Solution: make a carrier. The carrier must be customizable. It must hold four modules. There should be modules for single titans, modules for groups of industrial ships, modules for 100 ventures, etc. The shell costs 25x what a titan would and the modules that mount into the shell cost the same as the total value of the ships they would hold. Most importantly, it has to be built in space like a Death Star and cannot enter a station–thus it can be attacked during construction, when launched into battle, or while double-parked.

2) Problem: Too many small ships.
There are thousands of tiny fighters packed into every user account. Solution: Make squadrons. Let users enter battle with small groups of their tiny fighters (3-9) and dogfight it out. It's the same mechanic as drones, but with formations. The user's action replicates for all ships in the squadron and other players can join squadrons to make mini-fleets. Battles and pirates will now liquidate 3-9x as many small ships.

3) Problem: Too many small rocks.
EVE is packed with pumice. Solution: "The Happening". Think Fortnite comet but different. A great and horrifying horror occurs at the center of the galaxy which pollutes 50% of all asteroids everywhere. This tainted ore increases power but has a dirty drawback: it deteriorates rapidly through radiation and sucks balls to work with–requiring 10x the normal amount. Plus side: this radiation effects all nearby ships cooking them like rice. Down side: this radiation effects all nearby ships cooking them like rice. (That's a thinker) Bonus CCP plus side: Brand new "radiation" ships and parts must be built from scratch with the new ore–thereby stimulating the economy.

4) Problem: Too much PLEX.
This is the easiest to fix. If players leave, their resources become available driving down the price of PLEX. Cheap PLEX means players don't have to send money and CCP goes broke. CCP must manually set the price of PLEX based on the total amount of liquid ISK in the game divided by the number of active players in the last 30 days. Period. PLEX is currently on a downward feedback loop that will end EVE and any delay is folly.

5) Problems: Too few noobs.
It's the death of any game. The new people are coming in, they see super complex everything times four races plus navy variants, and they bounce in a panic. New money comes from new players because seasoned players know how to earn enough PLEX to play indefinitely. Solution: make everything mining free-to-play; Omega everything else. If you want to shoot people down, plunk down some cash. But through mining you can learn the fundamentals of the game, feel a sense of accomplishment as you level up to a Rorqual (that's unarmed because guns are an Omega thing), evaluate dangerous nodes, be targets for pirates, participate in the overall economy, make friends, attend University, still join a guild who would love to have the resources, and maybe even earn enough in rocks that you don't have to pay for Omega.

That's it. That's what I got. Hope it helps or inspires.


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