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My experience with a RENTER ALLIANCE.

Content of the article: "My experience with a RENTER ALLIANCE."

Before we begin; sit back down and grab a cup of coffee. This post will be a long read and there is no TLDR.

I joined a rental alliance a month ago and unknown to them , I was there not to krab but to do alliance theft. Slowly and quickly as I played along and gained their trust , I came to saw that there were good people there who wanted to carve out a name for themselves. I talked around a lot to the recruiter and regular line members & overall it was a good atmosphere. So I decided to help them grow.

The primary thing with renting is it is exploitative and one sided. Renters are seen as a commodity and ISK farmers. Most renters usually turbo-krab. But still after knowing all this, I decided to steer ahead and get these people organized. The Alliance had no foundation at all , it was built on dust. I supplied them goals and roadmaps to achieve those goals. Expecting to see some action and hustle bustle, none of it was happening.

So I took to discord and talked to a lot of people on how to grow this alliance ,since now I had gained considerable trust of their "leadership". The first thing to do was to attend one fleet op of there and it was my worst experience ever in Eve with Comms being cancer and racial slurs being shouted on about.

So naturally I did the next thing, start FCing . But Alas, no one would show up and everyone would stay in their Gilas and Carriers there. I came to wonder why none of these people would respond yet remain active 16 hours a day running sanctums and havens all day. I started doing filament roams with only the recruiter(who is now my good friend) , as only he would show up.

Keen to grow and knowing that in Null , PvP was king. I talked to around to my neighbours. Rote Kapelle and Fraternity. Rote being themselves offered a very generous offer to make a step by step program for teaching non-PvP players about PvP and doing organised brawls + Roams , while my alliance would do the SRP. So everything was going well, the only problems was numbers.

Now if you look at the eve-who of the alliance: https://evewho.com/alliance/99009960 . Everything seems to be fine but at a closer look , 70% of the members are set of alt chars. But no worries, right? I didn't bother. In order for any successful alliance to run , 4 things are required:-

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(1) Teamwork (2) SRP (3) Content Production (4) Good Indie Backbone

So I proceeded to do them one by one and I kept asking for advice from everyone I had the chance to talk to. It was while doing this , I came to know that the alliance in itself was a scam. Being where I come from, renting is viewed as morally wrong and it is true that it hampers any growth. But this group was itself sub-renting to 90% of the corporations with their prime income being that sub-rental income itself. And there were little to no active members at all. But this is all acceptable, right? Sure it is! But not only this , the group lured in, scouted corporations , gave them false promises and kept the lured in groups under rental policy .Charging upto 1-2 Bil for monthly rent.

When I asked the leadership why they put indie/pvp corps under rent , their sole answer was : "easy money, more members plus taxes are paid easily" .

Of course, I can't make any teams or appoint any FCs knowing that they themselves are renters. It was now time to assess the financial situation of this alliance and after thoroughly interrogating the executor himself , he came to acknowledge that the shortages of ISK was compensated by PLEXing and the alliance wallet was topped up with PLEX. This particular group ran as partnership of 3-4 people controlling most of the stuff. and ISK. I found communications issue with one CEO of the Corp saying that the earliest reply that they got was after 4 days . That particular Corp who was leaving was responsible for building Dreads and Supers.

When I pointed this out to the alliance leadership , they replied in frustration and saying that they don't care at all. This was enough to tell me the overall mindset of the group .

Before I was a setting up a newbee initiative ; stuff like giving free vexors, skillbooks , +3 implants ; I had to do some diplo on their behalf because none of the other groups in neutral block were blue to us.While talking to the officials of other alliance living near us , I came to know that some of my own higher ups were trash talking to other alliances . So then I had to apologise on the behalf of my alliance , which I intended to completely destroy in the first place.

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Soon after, the jump bridge access was revoked. I also talked to Winter Co who were kind enough to offer their alien citizenship program. And knowing that Tribute was about to become an active warzone, I tried for 7 continuous days to convince the leadership to evacuate but they said no and again no. And when I again tried, I simply got told : "Don't cry" .

Keep in mind that , this group had no military capability at all.ESS Thieves would come and go without getting any fights at all while my own alliance mates would just tether or dock up and magically wrap to the combat site exactly after 5 minutes , the neutrals would leave.

Likewise , sooner or later; I came to know why they were hell bent on staying in Tribute.They were tied to their rental money and moving would mean loosing all of it. Slow or No response or any acknowledgement from the leadership often would leave their own officers, members and me in the dark on what to do. There was no visible transparency.

What I also saw the new players in eve joining this alliance wondering what to do after reaching null sec. Providing no direction or any kind of guidance at all. Everything that seemed to be, revolved around ISK.

There was no SRP in place. The only person who would do it was the recruiter who was also running fleets whenever he was around. While doing Diplo and working for some days , I would present the alliance leadership contacts and other alliances which were open & they would often reply back that they disliked this particular alliance . And when I asked why , they would they didn't needed a reason and if it were to be, they will find a reason outside the game to dislike them . (happened with Toilet Paper who are a French Alliance)

But anyways I kept trying and trying more till finally the situation I had been warning them about (FRAT expanding to Vale, Tribute, Pure Blind) came to be and now they are emergency evacuating to low sec . With no clear future or structure in sight and knowing that they would again come up with another system to farm ISK and lure in other groups.

Frustrated, I left and I decided whatever it maybe ; I will never ever join any renters and they are indeed ISK farming commodities. And now I regret, why didn't I just took it all away when I had the chance in the first place.

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