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Needlejacks and Risk Aversion

The ESS change has probably been one of the healthiest changes to the game in a long time. At least for the people i know its added a lot of content lately and a lot of krabs have been out having a lot of fun fighting off roaming gangs with the ess grid rules.
That being said we are also seeing a lot of something that was already pretty frequent before the ESS change. Roaming gang risk aversion. Far to many roaming groups simply bail and wait out combat timers the second they see that what's coming to fight them isn't just some kitchen sink that they can drag out and pick apart. Once their timer is out its one needlejack and they are out free…away from the content that I'm pretty sure they were looking for by taking a needlejack?
Look I get it, you end up in a null pocket and your out gate is hell camped, nobody wants that thats fair. But this isn't that, its frequently a similar sized comp or large kitchen sink that people run from. No fight is perfect but needlejacks make it too easy for players to just nope out of a situation rather than having to out play or out fight the people coming after them. Its frustrating and discouraging that you can have t3s out combat scanning but all the roamers need to do is keep warping until their timer is out and they get a free pass out. There should be some limiting mechanic like the 30s log off timer, that goes along with activating a needlejack so if you are being actively pursued you can't just dip out of system freely. Many of us have pulled off a log off with combats out in system its doable, but it gives the pursuers a chance to catch up and force a fight, rather than watching a few krabs get ganked and the roaming gang be warping safes waiting their timer before a fight can pop off. There are a lot of people out there eager for a fight in null at the moment, but they aren't likely to bother undocking if they just know the enemy is going to filament if they show up in something that can fight.

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