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New(ish) player thoughts on redistribution

Content of the article: "New(ish) player thoughts on redistribution"

Started playing about 4 months ago, before the redistribution update. I initially started playing because I wanted to build ships, then go shoot other people with them and EVE seemed like a good place to do that.

After about a week of playtime I realized it would be a long time before I could be even semi-decent at both building and piloting ships, so I made a second account (also omega) to help achieve that goal. Was having fun, made a few hulls, tried FW, ganking, pirating, etc. Lost them all rather quickly (I've still yet to get my first killmail lol) but hey, that's why I built them and eventually my skills will get me there right?

Fast forward a few months to the redistribution update and now it feels as if CCP has shoehorned me in to playing the market in order to be able to recombine stuff that I didn't mine/salvage/loot into something to fly or sell. Sure, I can just go buy a ship and modules with isk made from ratting or mission running, but that's no fun and the only motivation to avoid losing it is to avoid having to go do more missions or ratting. I want to care about my ship because it took time and effort to build, not because it costs isk. In a way, it cheapens the value, I just don't care about the ship any more except as an inconvenience to lose.

I didn't sign up because I wanted to play the market or accumulate isk, I wanted to build shit and pick fights with it. Now I can't build even the most basic stuff on my own because I can't access most of the materials. I can still make some modules/rigs from mission/ratting loot, but no ships to put it in. Owning a ship isn't an achievement any more, it's just an equation: I spent 3 hours ratting so now I have a Vexor. How exciting. I'm sure the big nullsec guys can just organize mining fleets into low/hi sec to collect what they need but that's not really an option for anyone else (and before you ask, no, I'm not interested in being cannon fodder /mining monkey for some null bloc).

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I don't want to mine for stuff I'm not going to use just so I can sell the excess, I want to produce things that I can fly. So let me do that! I was starting to build my BPO collection but now there's not really a point because I'm not gonna buy the materials when I could just buy the ship or module instead.

Don't really want to buy the ship either at this point, because now I don't give a shit what happens to it.

Dunno if anyone else feels this way but I'm disappointed. Joined a HS pvp corporation, we'll see if it's fun but I'm a lot less interested in the game than I was a month ago. Probably dropping my alt sub at any rate, there's no reason for it now.

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