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“Nomad” Day 1.5: A New Beginning

Awhile ago I dabbled in the realm of nomad gameplay but didn't make it very far. Only 1 day actually. After my last post I took a bit of a break from everything due to covid taking someone very, very dear to me. A few months went by and I managed to crawl out of my bed, open the blinds, and try my damnedest to start moving on. The community and my little group have been incredibly helpful in this process if for no other reason than to give me a small world to escape to when things get tough. For better or for worse Eve has been a hell of a distraction. All that aside, here it is…

Day 1.5: A New Beginning

The Basic Plan:

Once again I've found myself in a C2 with HS/C3 statics. The inhabitants this time are even less active than the last, in an opposite time zone, and seem to be industry focused. I plan to stay here for a month at most.

I chose a C2 for precisely these statics. The consistent High Sec hole is perfect for extracting all the goods and for High Sec mining. I can pop a couple characters + the orca out of the hole and let them mine for a few hours while I work on other projects, watch a movie, etc. That being said, the amount of traffic the system will receive because of this is certainly paranoia inducing. But if worse comes to worse, at least I'll get some content.

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The C3 static is what I will be using for PvE. Originally I considered moving into a C3 but with the rotation of the system and the ability to roll holes from the C2 I won't have to wait for the sites to respawn after clearing. I also noticed that a few of the C3's I've travelled through have been null static which will be great for PvP when I'm lucky enough to have them.

The C2 is where I will keep my orca and set up P.I. for the duration of my stay.


I've made some pretty big changes to the loadout since the last time I tried this with the largest difference being nine characters instead of two. Of the nine, six will be used for PI, manufacturing, mining, hauling, and all the other non-combat stuff. The other two will be used as such:

Alt 1: Briefcase Orca/PvP Support(obviously not in the orca)

Alt 2: Bait/Salvaging/Tackle

Then my main will be used for a little bit of everything.

Here's what I brought with me:

1 Orca (My briefcase with a dedicated toon)

1 Gila (for the C3 sites and Abyssals)

1 Confessor (in case I run into any C13s)

1 Stratios (for PvP, exploration, and if I decide to yeet it's good for everything)

1 Astero (for PvP, exploration, and these Easter event sites)

1 Manticore (for bombing and attempting to kill ships that can't shoot back)

1 Prospect (for mining and huffing gas)

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6 Ventures (for mining and huffing gas)

1 Heron (for baiting fights)

1 Epithal (for hauling)

1 Nereus (for hauling and P.I.)

Daily Report

Today wasn't incredibly exciting. If any of you have ever set up T4 P.I. like I hadn't, then you can understand it takes HOURS to get it running smoothly. Especially when you have no idea what the fuck you're doing. Aside from that I warped around in my Astero creating some safes for all of my toons. The next longest part was having to make 11 jumps to the hole, safe log, log into the other toon, make the 11 jumps, safe log, repeat. I'd almost rather do P.I. But there's nothing quite like the rush of adrenaline and anxiety you get from watching your Orca align for what feels like 20 minutes right off the hole. Then after everything was safe and all but 3 strands of hair were left on my head, I hopped back on my main in the Astero and took a peek next door in the C3.

And there he was. The Imicus.

Found the poor little bastard sitting off a POCO with his thumb in his ass. I decloak and throw the point on him. My shaky hands reach for the drone tab to toss out my hobgoblins.


I spam F while point is still on him. Then the lil asshole warps away. Fucking stabs. And yeah I still get shakes from attempting to kill explorers, don't hate. Comes from PTSD of baits with 6 Dreks decloaking on me.

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Even though the day wasn't very exciting it feels really good to be set up and ready to go again. I'm going to enjoy all the fights, isk, embarrassments, and giving you all the updates on my little adventure.

My old group is going through it atm with people leaving and moving so it's beginning to get a bit lonely once more. MMOs are tough solo. That being said I'm considering streaming this nomad journey on twitch to have a bit of interaction so if that's something you guys might enjoy let me know and I'll see you with the next update.

Fly safe.


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