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“Nomad” Day 3/4: Non-Consensual Hole Probing

Sharing the content has given me a reason to log in lately. May not seem like much, but it keeps me out of bed and helps give me the energy to complete my real life responsibilities. So thank you!

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Day 3 & 4: Non-Consensual Hole Probing

Daily Log — Day 3

My first experience of what I will call "the drought". I logged in to find 13 signatures with nine of them being wormholes. Of the nine there was the usual HS and C3 connection, two more were C5s, one C4, two LS, and two NS. And to make things even better, the HS system also had a Thera connection. I have never in my life seen such a steady stream of people running a train on a hole like this. And I've had holes 2 jumps from Jita.

To make it even better the C3 had no sites. I was about ready to call it a day when my godlike PvP instincts kicked in. It was a Heron chillin' off the sun. I was in my Astero but it was fit for exploration. Logging in my Orca for the sake of fitting services seemed like a bad idea given the amount of people that had come through and I didn't want to spook the Heron. So instead I went to a station in the HS system and refit there.

I popped back in the hole spamming "V" on my keyboard. I see him, "'s Heron".

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With my adrenaline pumped, shaky, super jacked right arm fumbling with the mouse and my slightly less jacked left appendage gripping a coffee. I found the poor bastard running a relic site.

My warp-in put him 100k off of me. Easy fix. I found something warpable behind him, warped there, then back to the site at range. 10k off. At this point there's two cans left and they're completing one of them. I go sit at the other one and wait with shaky breaths. I let him complete the final can then tackle him. With my new found knowledge of the Shift+F combo my drones were on him faster than Nestle is gonna be on the first Martian lake. It wasn't fair, but I don't care. I like shooting things that can't shoot back. He died, and so did his pod.

I grab his corpse to add to the museum compartment of my Orca and loot the Heron. He had one of those fancy, faction scanner things. Estimated value at 140 somethin million! Within 10 minutes I made up all of the time I lost that would have been spent running C3's. Plus a little green on the board always gets me hard when I'm used to so much red.


To finish this night off I pulled out of the hole and set course to Amarr. I had run abyssals before in the Gila but I wanted to try out the frigate variation. I bought myself a Hawk given that my skill layout is absolute dog-shit but my missiles are superb and I tried out a T1 Dark. Easy-fucking-peasy I tell ya. I'm going to get a second character involved and take a crack at T3s next time.

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Day 4

This session was significantly better than the last. Even though the day ended with no PvP I began streaming to two people. I was doing some science experiments with the sleepers when I began to realize that maybe the Gila wasn't as great at those sites as I once thought.

Somebody said hello, I said hello, he asked for my playlist, I try and send him my playlist, then my ass is in half armor. Warp off, leave my drones, then come back for revenge. Except one of those sleepers killed one of my drones and the other was dangerously close to perishing as well. Now I was really pissed. But unfortunately I'm still bad and kept getting run down to 5% shield, warping off, and repeating. I eventually cleared the site but it was not worth the effort. (outpost frontiers…)

I ran back into the home hole switched into my Astero and fit for exploration. There was a C1 connection with a few relic sites. In one of the sites three of the cans had a bunch of intact armor plates and I made myself another easy few hundred million.

Over the last few days and with the hours I've spent in P.I., I have come to terms with the fact that I'm not a fan. Those hours I would spend clicking away at a planet I will now be spending dying in the abyss.


It's about time I move again. I'm going to be searching long, hard, and far for a shattered wormhole as my next area of operation. Hopefully this way I will have some interesting scenery and a few more options for content. One of my major goals in Eve is to become a better solo PvP pilot and develop my content generation skills. Unfortunately I feel a little trapped due to the fact I only have 20 mil in my wallet. So I will continue to crab until day 7 and then I plan on pushing hard with PvP. Even still, I'm enjoying the shots of adrenaline from killing people who can't fend for themselves.

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Big thanks to all of you who have reached out to me, given me places to socialize, and offering your support given my RL situation. Thanks for being such a great community. See you next time.

Shameless Plug:

I stream now, in spite of all of your warnings and threats 😉


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