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Notes of April 17 CCP Interview on the Meta Show

Sorry these are so late.

I took some notes on CCP Rattati and CCP Swift's

in April. Provided here for the sake of posterity.

The hour-long discussion was cordial and relaxed and fell into three main phases:

  • Introductions and General Banter: Much of this section particularly focused on CCP Swift who only recently joined the CCP team after many years as a noted member of the EVE player community. (18 minutes; 4:56 – 23:00)
  • Missing Asteroids: CCP’s plan to address problems created by the sudden removal of many asteroid belts from nullsec on April 13. (11 minutes; 23:00 – 34:18)
  • The Road Ahead (summarized below): What CCP’s future vision is for EVE, particularly as realized in the recent industry changes. (32 minutes; 34:18 – 1:06:53)

In section three, the interview revealed a number of game-design directions that CCP (and CCP Rattati in particular) either is pursuing or would like to pursue (no specific timelines or indications of progress were provided for any of these):

  • Making the game more approachable for new players and enhancing the new player experience (55:50)
  • Reduce overutilization of some content and increase the attractiveness of underutilized content (39:35)
  • Distributing players all around the universe (38:47)
  • Requiring some kind of tradeoff if players do decide to clump together into one area (such as being forced to rely on trade, or on establish a supporting presence elsewhere; or being able to build only certain kinds of products due to lack of resources from other parts of space) (43:20)
  • Allowing customization of space in nullsec through IHUB upgrades (such as providing the ability to add certain missing minerals or increase the quantity of existing minerals) (44:07)
  • Dynamic, automatic rebalancing of resources in space (without manual input by CCP) to motivate player distribution (46:06)
  • Improving Faction Warfare and making it a suitable transition point for new players from highsec to null (57:17)
  • Building AI-driven Empire NPC activity (such as fleets fights and resource gathering) into the lowsec/faction warfare landscape (57:25)
  • Adding more play-counterplay aspects to cloaky intel gathering (reminiscent of submarine hunting) (59:20)
  • Adding more play-counterplay aspects to logistics and supply movement (deployables like mobile cynos are a part of this vision) (1:00:18)
  • Introducing more ways for players to build travel networks beyond just the Ansiblex (1:01:35)
Read more:  We absolutely murdered Goons for 6 hours last night in multiple systems with multiple doctrines, it got so bad at the end ... I drifted out of the new POS to give them a gift. I'm a giver.

Also, CCP Rattati laid out the vision behind the recently introduced industry changes:

  • Anchor on the Battleship. After the market adjusts, Battleship prices should be roughly the same as they are today. (35:37)
  • Make T1 Sub-caps relatively cheaper (compared to Battleships). (36:00)
  • Make Capitals and Super Capitals relatively more expensive (compared to Battleships) and provide specific tuning knobs to influence the cost and numbers of each. (36:05)
  • Create a more natural learning and complexity progression for industry. (35:25)
  • Improve the new player experience (by making T1 Sub-caps cheaper and by making the industry learning curve more smooth). (36:37)

A couple other points to touch on in closing:

  • CCP is trying to figure out a role for the Rorqual to keep it as the aspirational goal for mining ships (48:27)
  • The Mittani called for IHUB and TCU vulnerability times to be removed from ESI to remove a source of free intel and increase the fog of war. CCP Rattati expressed approval of that idea. (1:02:07)


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