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Our Newbro corp had our first “real” fight (including a major FC error by me)

Our post last week about our shitty first kill! got a lot of attention so I thought you guys might like a follow-up and provide me some good insight like last time!

Bolstered in recruiting by our last post, our now 3 man gang went out to null looking for some pew. I had wanted to try out ECM since it seemed like it could be a decent force multiplier for us so I threw together a blackbird and fleeted up with the boys. One was in a manticore and one a Tristan with tackle.

Before we went out I tried to piece together an engagement profile for us and figured with my combined ECM modules I had around a 75% chance to scram most battleships and below (but I may be way off on that), and with our manticore having over a 3k alpha along with the Tristan dps I figured we should be able to take anything battlecruiser and below if everything went according to plan.

In an ideal world our manticore would scout out systems and find targets and we would warp in, get point and get scram, then the manticore would uncloak and we would pounce. We searched around null and almost had a couple of fights, but were unsuccessful in locking them down, but still had a good time and got some good practice in regardless.

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As we were heading back home a Sabre dropped on us at a gate and dropped two bubbles. We stayed calm and locked it down like we had planned and went to town. Unfortunately, this is where my lack of FC experience screwed us. We all had so much tunnel vision on the Sabre that we didn't notice the Vegabond drop on grid. He locked me and started taking me down, and before I realized it was the Vegabond killing me and not the Sabre it was too late and I was already dying.

But I can say with pride we took out the Sabre before we all died!


If I had realized the Sabre wasn't doing damage and that another ship had just dropped on grid, I could have instantly redirected my scram to it and we might have had a legit shot at getting the Vegabond. But now I know to stay calm and actually ask if anyone is being damaged by a ship before we go ham on it lol. It turned out to be one guy and his alt that killed us. He said something along the lines of "sabre for three T1s not bad" or something like that and I wasn't sure if he was praising his kills or ours (and we technically had the manticore which is T2), but I sent him a mail afterward trying to figure out how he spotted us and got the drop on us trying to find some ways to improve. He said he started coming for us when he got intel (I'm assuming from his corp channels). He seemed pretty experienced so overall I'm happy we got something.

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Killboard put it at a 3m isk negative trade for us but we walked away feeling like winners. Ready to refit and go out again.

I think I may take a griffin instead of a blackbird next time but I haven't decided. It'd be way cheaper, but man that blackbird felt fun to fly.

Thanks for reading. On to the next one o7

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