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Probably a terrible idea, but here it is: Epsilon (aka bittervet) account status

Preface: I'm currently winning Eve, and it's due to a combination of IRL time management and subscription cost.

I guess my big beef is that I see no real reason to sub at current prices if I don't have time to play much (and I don't have time to play much now… I can't remember the last time I say down for more than half an hour to play any video game, let alone Eve).

In the past I've been in similar situations (especially the time I bought a house which turned out had no way to get internet to it, so I was stuck on shitty Canadian phone data for 9 months) but I kept my sub up-to-date for the skillpoints, regardless of how much I played. Problem is, as of a few years ago I basically hit a point where the SP gain just wasn't worth it because I had pretty much everything I wanted, and I recently had a kid and took up a new hobby which takes time and money. That, combined with the CAD settling to more traditional values against USD in the mid 2010's basically had me asking "why?" and I didn't gave a good reason, so CPP lost a paying customer.

So my proposal for Epsilon account status is basically as follows:

  • Cost is 1/3 of general sub (ex. $5 USD/month), has the same discount % for 3/6/12 months subs as regular subs do

  • Can only be activated on accounts which have at least 5 cumulative years of paid/plexed account history

  • Can only be activated on accounts that have a single character over 200M SP or a cumulative 240M SP spread across all characters on the account (which would still place me about 30M SP short, I haven't picked the number to arbitrarily let me in)

  • Trains at the same speed as alphas but unlimited length skill queue

  • Has same access to ships, modules, etc. as Omegas

  • Cannot activate MCT

  • Cannot use extractors

  • Cannot transfer characters

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This is set up to basically be a maintenance account status for people who wouldn't mind jumping on for a bit once or twice a month.

Considering that at the cheapest USD rate, these accounts would have already had to sink $1,100 USD in the account at an absolute minimum (which is training a single character to 200M SP with +5 implants on an optimal attribute mapping the entire time, using 8 12-month subs and 1 6-month sub), I think this is more than reasonable. I also highly suspect this would bring in more revenue from returning paying customers that it would account for revenue loss (ex. current paying customers that meet the requirements and downgrade). Plus, it would not surprise me if people on Epsilon account status occasionally upgraded to Omega for higher training speeds during events that dropped Cerebral Accelerators, to perform functions not allowed on Epsilon accounts, or when good deals for Omega status came about (like the ones that include MCT), and tossed in for skins every now and then – I know I would.

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