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Ran my First Fleet tonight – AAR

I decided I wanted to bring some extra fun to Brave Newbies tonight and decided I would run my own fleet.

I settled on Mallers as the hull because they arent used often and Brave doesnt use them at all. So the plan was to go around and steal some ESS's. I settled on Blaster fit Mallers. People wont be expecting blasterfit Mallers at 0 so that was my only thinking behind it.

With half decent skills I managed 570dps and a 37k ehp buffer. combined with webs and blasters I was hoping we would atleast kill something nice coming in to stop us before we all died to the rest of an enemy fleet coming to secure their ratting ticks.

I prepinged it and got a few positive responses so went with it. I had 5 Maller hulls to give out and was a little worried people wouldnt wanna spend 30-40 million isk on entire fit/hull combined. Ended up with 27 in fleet 22 of which where in mallers.

We headed out to Provi. First ESS gate we grab 40mil out and our scout says a sabre is camping our proposed out gate with a nag of gate on the other side. As we land we get bubbled but i Tell the fleet not to jump and just orbit 500.

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Whilst we orbit other ships are reported to be joining the enemy and setting up at their optimals. Our poor blaster Mallers had no hope.

I intsead decide to force their hand and call for a burn out of the bubble towards the other gate and we can just enter the next ESS and force them in at 0. We land on the I7S-1S gate and an enforcer lands at the same time as a sabre, I call an immediate jump, so the sabre either has to bubble us and the enforcer or we all get away.

Enforcer gets caught, Mallers approach and start shooting. A cyno goes up and a Nid, Nag, moros and an Archon make it through before the the Enforcer is killed.

Excitement at our impending doom gets the better of me and I call primary on the Nag. Seconds later I change my mind and scream the Nid will go down a lot faster so lets focus that, Nid dies in like 30-40 seconds

Meanwhile the enemy are shooting the Lone Maelstrom which is active fit and tanking like a legend and the enemy sabre has us bubbled. Next target is the Archon who has one hell of a buffer and we start bleeding Mallers, The Maelstrom is dead, The Archon is aligning out on the edge of the bubble and we lost our only point when the maelstrom died.

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At this moment the enemy sabre comes burning in and rebubbles, Trapping the Archon again meters from the edge of a bubble. With just 22 Maller's to start with our DPS is dropping as Mallers begin to fall. Archon is holding but slowly being chipped away. With just 6 Mallers left the archon enters structure and is quickly killed.

That was my first fleet and a big thanks to those who dropped, Those who came along with me from Brave and other alliance members not knowing what we would get in a crappy Maller meme fit.

To top it off a 40 mill donation to the Brave Dojo!

Fly Safe,

Marroc 7o


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