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RocketX RC message to Snuff/INIT

In recent weeks RC has been upgrading its spysec infrastructure to detect intel relays and burn spies within our ranks, manipulating the intel they have access to for the security of all of us, along with our directorship's personal amusement. We've been fucking with Snuff/INIT/Brave and Frat via their own intel relays (hi guys LMAO)

Firstly, we have discovered that the best way to get a snuff spy is to apply to various corps with the application text of 'Dread Alt'. Apparently, their CEOs are stupid as fuck, because TWO of them accepted applications without even checking who's 'alt' was applying. A low effort intel grab, but i present to you, 10 out of 11 pages of +10 blues, and snuffs +5 blue lists:

Summary (chars only): https://dscan.info/v/a0f0bab634db
+5: https://i.imgur.com/0CDI8LE.png

Not all our chars have been kicked yet – but I am sure your leadership will have a good time setting them all red. We will also be adding all their doctrine fits to our auth for you to look at when you're taking your morning shit.

Secondly our FC channel had been compromised by INIT. So we have been pinging our FC channel to go RF INIT sov (despite having no intention of doing so).

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A week back, we formed alongside Legacy last week and shot INIT specifically to burn the spy, killing the anchoring INIT fort in EX6 in the process. They lost their major objectives in Catch as a result of our presence; had they not been spying, we'd have stayed out of it.

RC's directorship holds no quarter when it comes to spies, even the ones we've used as double agents without their knowledge. Each's use comes to an end, and this evening we bid farewell to INIT's RC FC level spy: Gideon Zendikar. We're done with you, thanks for your service.

To those of you reading this via relays(and reddit now), I now speak for all of RC: 1) We know. 2) Go fuck yourselves

Source: reddit.com

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