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Saga of Slavback Big Baals

There once was a warrior, his name engraved into the sands of time by the legend known only as Dolore Tormento. His name was Slavback Big Baals, this is his story.


This above is the 39P constellation, currently losing it's keepstars to the passpi panzies. Every system is under a cyno jammer and it is virtually impossible for goonswarm to stage capitals inside of this constellation to contest any keepstars. This was until Slavback Big Baals made his plan.

The system at the top right, 4O-239 is unjammed, if someone wished to stage capitals the only viable way is the kill jammers inside the constellation or take the infrastructure hubs. Slavback Big Baal's plan was simple, cyno into 4O-239, and take gates in the constellation in order to single-handedly keep enemy FCs forming fleets to maintain control over the constellation. This is what the execution of that plan looked like:

Moving a cyno into position a falcon is caught by two hecates in a drag bubble in T-M0FA, 1 jump away from the target system of 4O-239. Slavback Big Baals resolved to light the cyno on the falcon and take the extra gate in order to spare his cyno, this was successful: https://zkillboard.com/kill/91700612/

Once the cyno was safe in a station in 4O-239, Slavback Big Baals began his journey into the constellation starting with 39P-1J, the ancestral home of Karmafleet. Upon gating into the system there were 20+ hostiles in system, suspecting that the dinos had caught word of his arrival he quickly began to move toward NIDJ-K where Slavback would stage his thanatos, the warp was long from gate to gate but Slavback's Baals were big, the dino dics were not. In a hasty jump the thanatos would jump into the target system of NIDJ-K

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Finally, in the target system the thanatos began it's warp toward the keepstar, with the assistance of a small mainfleet bomber force they began to draw the hostiles attention toward the system, https://zkillboard.com/related/30004769/202103250700/

The hostiles kept control over the system and the mainfleet bombers left, but Slavback stayed and waited, once the hostiles had grown confident that they had won the day they went home, but Slavback did not. Time passes and the thanatos undocks from the keepstar once more to began hammering away at the cyno jammer as a fellow goon joins the team, Savage Bagel in a hecate runs counter-support to keep the fighters safe from hostile interference. In order to try and avoid forming a fleet to contest only two hostiles enemy FCs worked together in a small gang to try and bring down Slavback Big Baals and his sidekick, Savage Bagel. The reports speak for themself: https://zkillboard.com/related/30004769/202103250900/

The hostile FCs gave up and began to form two fleets once again to save their precious cyno jammer in order to make sure the keepstar in NIDJ-K could not be defended, once scouted there was no reasonable way the fleets would make it to the system fast enough to kill either Savage Bagel or Slavabck Baal before they were docked in the keepstar safe from enemies. The hostile fleets jumped into system to seemingly fight… nothing. However they knew if they left immediately that the cyno jammer would be finished so they had to wait for it to repair, once this 15 minute repair cycle was complete they would be free to go home.

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Several hours later the sleeping thanatos would awaken once more to harass the very same cyno jammer, this time it was 8 hours before the NIDJ-K keepstar would come out of reinforce so it is an utmost priority of the enemies to defend it, so naturally their response was swift, they cycled the jammer off for 2 minutes after forming approximately 150 carriers that would wait in that system for 8 hours to reinforce the armor on an undefendable keepstar. Slavback Big Baals had drawn the enemies in one last time for an 8 hour long standoff where one man kept the entirety of papi busy for nearly an entire day using only his Baals.


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