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SiegeRed part 2

While our crusade to purge Eve from the heretics continues, yesterday cardinal Hy Wanto Destroyer decided it was time for his monthly log in. Still upset Vily had refused once again to apologize for calling him a fa***t on the meta show almost two years ago, general Tau AD's success in destroying Vily's TTC structures in Ignoitton was the only thing to brighten his mood.

Hy hopped into his slaved Impairor and started to patrol the holy lands of lowsec. His mood deteriorated even more after finding some RC pets athanor. Disgusted he sent his young underling Ohmiras "the rat" to inform the troops. A Snuff force of 34 Legions, including some korean simps, made their way through a wormhole to stomp RekkingCrew once again.

Seeing our powerful warriors shoot their athanor, RC high command panicked and kicked the FC tasked with gathering important Snuff intel through our blue list, he should have known our attack was coming. Quickly a Local Is Primary director was sent to tickle Errestrians balls. Pleased by their submissiveness SiegeGreen quickly formed 55 Machariels to help RC.

34 Legions fighting that amount of battleships supported by another 25 Tengus does not seem like the best idea, yet the fleet warp was taken and a ping for more capital reinforcements to mid went out.

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As soon as we landed on grid SiegeGreen cyno'd in their fleet, we countered with some haw dreads and immediately SiegeGreen's dreadbomb started to materialize. Both sides kept throwing their 5b Revelations at each other like the overprized garbage they currently are. Towards the end of the fight Snuff reinforcements, including Tau's boyfriend Baltrom, jumped in as soon as they got rid of their red timer causing the enemy to retreat.

BR: https://zkillboard.com/related/30002088/202102221500/

A few hours ago Hy decided to up the pressure on Vily by declaring war on the Perimeter Keepstar, to hopefully get the public apology he deserves.

The blue donut quickly forgot about their differences, to protect the CCP approved ISK printer that, for some reason, still exists in Perimeter. https://i.imgur.com/nOoBoGg.png

Independant neutral spy masters RC had the chain yanked and were second, after tapi, to answer the blue donuts call.

See you all in Perimeter, where my 3000 Ferox alts will blot out the sun.

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