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So there was some confusion/doubt on my last post… so I made a brand new Alpha clone and made them run Abyssals!

Hello again!

So there were some people on my last post here:


A. Were confused/had questions because I kind of skipped over a lot of things

B. Didn't get my point that it's super powerful for new players as it allows quick progression.

So I made a small series to help address both of these!

1st episode

In this episode I take a brand new Alpha clone, train up some skills using the 1 million sp, then buy a ship for under 10 million that I'm confident can do all T0s! The main point from this video is to do all T0s is you need a ship with around 100 dps, has one repair mod, and can kite. I decided drones were the easiest way to go! But even if you can't do 100 DPS, you'll be able to do most rooms and just die from time to time, so if you fly a cheap ship you'll come out far ahead. We don't see any in the series, but Sky Breakers are who kill T1 frigates because they have a strong shield tank, but they are rather rare to run into.

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2nd episode

Running T0s until I have enough isk to upgrade my tristan! There were some close calls where I zoomed out of bounds and had to zoom back in, so don't do that.

3rd episode

I show off that using just a Tristan for several hours and some of my remaining 1 million SP, I can get into a Worm! A worm allows you to either run T0s SUPER fast, or if you're up for some risk, do T1s! So I show off running T1s, which pays around 40 million isk an hour on average, and has a chance to drop some rather valuable items, meaning some hours will be much more profitable.

WARNING: T1s are legitimately dangerous. There are enemies that will warp scram you leaving you dead in the water, brawlers that if they catch you will melt you, and battleships/cruisers that will one shot you if you stop moving. So make sure you're very comfortable in T0s and you do research into what spawns are most dangerous to your worm. If you're concerned with losing your worm, you can always just Blitz t0s until you have enough money to replace the worm. Lot's of information can be found in the in game chat channel "Abyssal Lurkers" and check out this website:

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This is probably my last post defending the abyss running method as a way to progress quickly through the early game. It also shows if you want to try it out, it takes very little investment on an Alt. I really enjoy Abyssals and it feels like a great way to make isk/learn piloting in the game, so that's why I was so quick to defend it!

I might do other videos on interesting/fun ways to make Isk with very little SP since it seems people enjoyed it, but for now, fly safe!

Also I'm a youtube noob, so some of the videos might be potato.

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