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Some more thoughts on Scarcity

While I am sure everyone is tired of the scarcity posts I feel like it is worth writing this up with the industry changes coming up. TL;DR I like flying T1 Cruisers and not getting blobbed by Recons and Carriers

To start out with a little backstory, when I joined eve for real back around 2016, I got into small gang pvp in a pretty big way. I have always been pretty bad at making isk, and the alliance I was in at the time was very bad at protecting ratting space so I was kind of out of luck. As I played more and got more SP and experience this got a little easier, but I was never a megakrab, only going as far as rattlesnake which was essentially given to me by a friend (I still have it, thanks Motre).

I krabbed to PVP and tried to PVP as much as I could, so I mostly flew cheap stuff. Navy cruisers were my big ticket item, outside of doctrine fleets where I was an FC. As I played I noticed a change in what I fought on roams. In the early days HICs were our bane along with the occasional recon or blob of BCs, but these were rapidly eclipsed by caps and ubiquitous recon ships as tackle. Response fleets became harder and harder to fight without bling, snakes, and alts. This was never an option for me and most of my dudes, but we noticed other nano groups reacting and becoming more expensive. The stuff we could fly was increasingly boxed in as everything got blingier. This was a vicious cycle as krabs, standing/response fleets, and small gangers were pushed by rorq money to fly more and more expensive, leaving people who didn't have the time/money/sp/infrastructure/inclination to krab up to a rorq/super increasingly sidelined.

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More than that, as kills got bigger they got less meaningful. While killing a 1.5 bill orthrus was pretty cool the first time, when the dude came back over and over again with the same or more expensive ship it rapidly lost its luster because it was clear the ship was just not that valuable. I once participated in killing a Nyx with just my small gang, only 8 characters on the KM with 3 being 1 dude multiboxing. While getting a 24 bil isk frag was cool, the fact that this was a broken bot who had essentially printed another Nyx before we showed up nearly risk free again made it pretty hollow.

This was a lot of writing just to say "rorq and super money bad" but I think it makes the point. That isk arms race before was not fun and drove people like me out of the game. My corp is pretty dead to this day because of this (and CCP cancelling AT).

Scarcity has sort of brought us back to the game, along with other balance changes. The idea that every roam won't end with getting caps dropped on us or we have to safelog because we are getting camped in by a blob of ramjags and recons is appealing, and if we have to go back to flying Omen Navies as payment then I am not complaining. I think the new industry changes making pirate and caps more expensive while T1 BC and lower (it should be BB and lower but that's a different topic) cheaper is a step in the right direction for taking the arms race back and making bling ships with blobs of alts the exception and not the norm. Scarcity is far from perfect and there are still too many ways for people to get mega rich in safety while newbros grind away, but I feel more confident now that the stockpiles are being eaten and T1 ships get cheaper that the PVP-Economy balance will be better.

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