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Some performance related facts about bookmarks.

Hi! It's me again, the guy who needs more bookmarks.

For a good while now I've been thinking about making this post. Because you guys demand quality, I've decided to link videos showing what I'm talking about. To balance things out, they're encoded in rather low quality.

The machine these are being recorded on is a brand new Zephyrus G15 sporting a Ryzen 9 5900HS and a mobile 3060. Keep that in mind while watching the fps-meter. The game is locked to 60fps on purpose.

My last notebook, an i5-7300 with 1060, was off far worse than this. I even ran the game on a HardDisk, which made it even worse worse.

1: Lots of Bookmarks and Mouse-Hover don't agree with each other

What you see here is a really badly written Mouse-Hover code.

Apparently there's different layers with different amounts of objects assigned to it. Depending on the mouse cursor's position it checks all the things it could potentially be hovering.

This is not how to properly write such code. It's also the reason for why there's so many people complaining about lag when they encounter lots of cans or MTUs. The impact on performance for rendering them though is dwarfed by the absolute insanity that happens when one simply hovers space.

Please, CCP. If you want to do it right, use indexing and a jump table. No searches. Zero. Just straight to the target object.

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2: Creating bookmarks.

Creating bookmarks with their respective window open causes significant slowdowns for whatever nonsensical reason. On my last notebook I've seen the window actually reload, which doesn't seem to appear on my new one. Yet the performance degradation is clearly noticable. Here with closed window, for comparison

3: Un-/Docking

The clips speak for itself. The difference between un-/docking with the bookmarks, compared to un-/docking without them is dramatic.

This is running on some high speed SSD now. When I had the game running on HDD, when undocking took even a slightly hint longer than usual, it made me feel uncomfortable. The time it takes to load everything on grid, including bookmarks, cuts into the invulnerability timer!


1: Use a jumptable. There is no need to go through every single object to check for hover. There's lots of ways of doing this. One would be rendering things to a lowres texture with an index, then reading back that pixel and jumping to the corresponding code. That's going to be much faster than what's going on right now, even in python, and rendering just indices to a 16bit sub-native-resolution texture isn't costly at all. Additional benefit: The cost for the hover always stays the same, no matter how much stuff there's on grid. The GPU performance impact is never going to be an issue and, compared to the current solution, will always be faster anyway.

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2: I don't know what to say. It's just bad. Really bad. I have no solution, except ripping it all out and writing better code.

3: A checkbox in the Escape menu, where we can choose if "content from outside the station should be un-/reloaded every time the player un-/docks." As the performance hit is clearly coming from loading and unloading "the outside", simply avoiding this alltogether seems to be a great solution. A checkbox helps making sure that those machines, that can't handle it, can still work properly.

PS: Jumping into and out of the system adds a significant delay, just like un-/loading the bookmarks in space.

PPS: We can't save enough bookmarks. 3000 personal bookmarks is too little to cover the whole game and having five additional folders of 500 each just isn't going to cut it. Yeah … I really had to put that one in there. 🙂

I hope I didn't mix up the links.

Have a nice day! o/


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