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Something to Consider for the Eve Partnership Program

Content of the article: "Something to Consider for the Eve Partnership Program"

Tl;dr CCP wants to leverage content creators' audiences for ~1.5 USD/hr.

The partnership program seems pretty cool for youtubers/streamers/etc at a glance, but on a closer look, it’s like they pulled their key performance indicators out of thin air.


  • 40 sustained viewers(cross platform)
  • 1 stream per week
  • 20 hours per month

For starters, Sully Gnome shows the viewer ratio for Eve to be at 23.6 over the last 90 days. That’s a pretty saturated market. It’s also worth mentioning that due to Eve’s single server, there’s an extremely limited timezone to make any progress in as a broadcaster, and that space is pretty much dominated by either Bjorn, Eve_NT, or the official CCP channel. Furthermore, the lack of discoverability on Twitch specifically means that it’s a tough platform to succeed at in any meaningful way. And being that Twitch holds the lion’s share of livestream content, I’d imagine that that’s where most people are going to go.


  • 1k average views per eve video
  • minimum 2 videos per month

So, youtube gaming is a slightly better option than live streaming, because at least with videos you’re not directly competing with other broadcasters for an extremely limited timeslot. But you’re still operating in a relatively low-demand market, especially considering the sheer amount of video being uploaded to Youtube at any given moment. Furthermore, if we’re just going off of numbers, what’s the inherent value of making in-depth guides vs making seven second meme videos? I’m not trying to call anyone out, but there needs to be some consideration for the quality of content being produced. Rooks and Kings videos are probably some of the most iconic fan-created content in Eve, and even at their height, they were uploading videos once every 6 months or so. Is there any consideration given to that over someone just cranking out random stream highlights on their YouTube every few days?

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  • 5k monthly readers
  • 2 posts per month, OR
  • 4 small posts per month

I don’t have too much to add here, given my general lack of experience with running a blog, but the posts on EveOnion in October generated a total of 1914 views. A quick look at evebloggers will show you that there aren’t that many active Eve blogs left. Including blogs feels like a relic; the KPIs here demonstrate a lack of understanding about how modern blogging works.


  • 500 monthly downloads
  • 2 episodes per month, OR
  • 1 2+ hour episode per month

Podcast metrics are archaic, and short of expecting podcasters to supply the metrics themselves, it’s hard to demonstrate monthly listenership due to how RSS hits work

I don’t want to speak too much on developer tools, because I’m not an app developer. I’m sure there are others who can speak better to this.

What’s not mentioned:

In all this, there’s no real mention of social media presence. How many people subscribe to a blog nowadays, when they can get updates from a twitter account that covers more or less the same information? One thing that YouTube, Twitch, blogs, and podcasts all have in common is they rely heavily on shareability and discoverability to take off. To that end, I’m not sure what CCP were thinking of when they set their KPIs for the partnership applications. It seems entirely arbitrary. Maybe I’m missing something?

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I made a dumb video version of this rant that you can check out here.

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