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Speaking of Spaghetti Code – a smallganger discord bot

Since smallgangers are SO elite, I made a little bot in python so that we can prove our eliteness. You can find the bot currently active on <10 Discord or Fwagn discord. I want to thank Squizz for the API I'm abusing, Andy Astronaut for getting some code working with me, and everyone on both servers for the feedback and quotes.

Below will be the github and link to add the bot to your server (no scary permissions in there) but be forewarned, I dropped computer engineering for a reason 20 years ago. I just learned about F strings after all. If too many people are using the server I have it hosted on, the Async code will PROBABLY mess up and return stuff all out of order.

The bot checks any pilot name/char ID for the last 1000 kills on zkill then spews some vitriol based on whether you gravitate towards smallgang, mid size, or blob. So far there are 349 unique pilots that have used it based on the logs. Additionally, its not automatically updated but there is some code in the git that will generate a last 24hrs leaderboard which is then grouped into a discord message. I removed the guiltware from the bot but if you like it, feel free to send propeine isk in game.

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Below is the graph but you'll have to go get your own responses.


Finally there is a team randomizer for anyone doing practices for tournaments and a yahoo stock checker because we have some market nerds in Fwagns


!killbucket (char_id or character name) = returns a little graph and crude commentary!bucketboard = returns the current leaderboard if I remember to update it!stonks (ticker) = gives yahoo current price!teams (char1,char2,char3, etc) = returns 2 teams if even num and 2 teams + ref if odd num!linkkb (char name) = returns a zkill link for the character name



Discord bot link (permission to send messages, embed links, attach files and read messages):

Redacted….message me if you want to add it to your server. I thought better of this after I typed it out.

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