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Tales from a Solo Ninja Huffer Part 1

Greetings and salutations my fellow capsuleers.

While sitting in the great unknowns called J-space, d-scanning frantically for foes, and huffing that sweet sweet gas that we all love and hate, I felt inspired to write some (pre)cautionary tales to pass the time.

I doubt this will be comprehensive, or even logical, but hopefully it will inspire some to try day-tripping, and wormholing for life, and understand some of the dangers, and rewards that are just 8 scanner probes away.

My qualifications? Well I'm a nobody really. The guy who cleans your streets, picks up your trash, huffs the many many untouched and very dusty gas clouds just brimming with anticipation of your arrival.

15 years or so I've been "around" Eve. Started out clueless, dragged in by friends, looking for a spaceship fix only to be confused by endless menus and ever changing pvp meta while just learning how to run missions and stay alive.

Fast forward to today and I'm living in J-space, have a great wormhole crew. Love them all. A huffing fleet is only one shout out away, and one jump away from home hole as well. Boosts, prospects, banter, and lots of sweet sweet huffing.

But that's not what I'm here to talk about. Not yet. I got bored.

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Yes, Bored. Not bored of making isk. No I love that. Huffing has put a lot of isk in the pocket no doubt, but I wanted to know if I could take what I learned and translate it into a solo alpha account.

Yes, I am cheating on my corp, but I'll be back. I never really left them.

So with that in mind, I loaded up a new character, and with purity in mind I started grinding the starter missions. I knew I would get all the ships I needed, and isk. 24 hours later I had 2 ventures, a scanning ibis, 2 Nereus and 15mil isk and a plan. I loaded up public pathfinder, made myself a new map and started out from my nest in the starter area.

My intention was to do exploration at first to make enough isk to buy the gas cloud harvester skillbook, and so I started mapping connections to wormholes out from my starting area being sure to bookmark at the hole from the overview and always make my home bookmark to highsec immediately before uncloaking on the wormhole side.

So from there I built out a map of available holes, life and mass left, as well as scanning and bookmarking gas and data/relic sites. I make it sound easy yes as I have experience, but I think it's something anyone could do.

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I'll let you in on a little secret. I never did fully grind for my skillbook. I did the eve classic of begging. Cunningly, politely and extremely graciously of course, and one kind pilot gifted me more than what I need to get my gas huffing operation up and running. I will tell you what though, fine Redditors and Eve captains, in only 24 hours I have huffed more than 90million isk worth of raw gas, have not lost a ship, and have gotten enough to more than pay back my investor, and then some.

Thank you all for reading I will leave it there for now, as my hold is currently full, the rats have spawned and my connection to HS is EOL, time to go.


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