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The Eviction of SYNDE (Singularity Syndicate)

Content of the article: "The Eviction of SYNDE (Singularity Syndicate)"

Good day everyone, my name is Tiberius, some of you may know me from my work in TiS: The Anoikis Connection, a project that I started earlier this year and is the spiritual successor to ExookiZ’s “The Hole Story” where I bring on guests to discuss to have a conversation about the things that happen in and around wormhole space. Due to personal and professional time constraints, I have decided to put my journalism minor to good use and write up a story surrounding the details of the eviction instead of doing a full blown video episode.

USTZ based evictions on a large scale are typically reserved for grudges either long or short or long standing hatred among two rival groups (Think TDSIN back in February) has come to a boiling point. There are a number of groups in USTZ that do evictions for money; either from mercenary contracts or they’ve been circling the dying body of a waning corp. However these types of evictions typically do not garner the same kind of response that was seen in SYNDE’s home this past weekend.

Hard Knocks Citizens, Lazerhawks, and Wormhole Society assembled nearly a 200 character fleet to infiltrate into SYNDE’s home and began the process of burning down their structures on Wednesday last week. Hole control was established immediately and the HK coalition started running additional logistics in and out of SYNDE’s static wormholes while their main staging structure anchored. Their initial doctrine was a large muninn fleet but brought in more ships as time passed in the hole.When I first reached out to Hard Knocks for a comment on this unraveling situation, I was initially and politely told “no comment.” This is not out of the ordinary as reasoning behind evictions typically are opsec or have opsec related issues surrounding them. However, an HK source did manage to tell me “I don’t think we’re going to be public about our reasoning” during the initial stages of infiltration and timers. This piqued my curiosity as HK is generally known to be public with their casus villi after evictions are complete.

At first, SYNDE believed this to be a half effort eviction, possibly even a content astrahus. “It was obvious to us that the decision to do this was hastily made,” a source inside SYNDE expressed. SYNDE has developed a reputation over the years as being "outspoken" members in the community so perhaps this was their past catching up with them. Cyrus Kurush, CEO and executor of SYNDE alliance, came on TiS on Wednesday December 2nd and said as much himself. He believed that their previous actions and behaviors of current and previous members to be the tipping point for his organization and this is the price they were to pay and such is the way of wormhole space. While this is true to some regard, perhaps this was just the surface of the problem.

After some consultation with allies with an in depth assessment of the situation and resources available to SYNDE’s defense, the decision was made to not fight and instead use capable characters to log assets off in freighters. “There comes a point in eviction theory-crafting where you can only spend so much money in certain types of homes before it becomes a moot point,” Cyrus said to me. “If I can’t get bodies into the ships that I need to contest timers and hole control, there’s generally no point in contesting this eviction. I could’ve organized an infiltration party and tried to get people in, but that’s an incredibly stressful endeavor that would take serious amounts of time, effort, and commitment that I wouldn’t want to put my people or anyone else through. At the end of the day, this is a video game and I’d like to have fun actually playing it instead of stressing out myself and everyone else involved in our defense.

To a large extent his mindset is reasonable. There are 505 C4 wormholes in the game currently. If SYNDE were to organize an infiltration party, they’d have to roll wormholes for days in order to try and get people in with very little chance of success. Here’s an example of the math: every time you roll a wormhole, you’re tossing a dice and in this case, a 505 sided dice. For each single event, there is a 0.2% chance, that is two tenths of one percent chance of rolling into the target hole. Because rolling wormholes does not remove each one from the pool mathematically, the probability of rolling into the wormhole does not scale logarithmically or linearly, that is, an ever increasing chance of getting into the wormhole the more holes that are rolled. Instead, the probability remains at 0.2% for each roll due to the near zero covariance of the probability variable. Factoring in people’s availability to wait in the system being rolled for an entrance adds a conditional probability variable to the equation that drastically reduces the odds LOWER than 0.2% of the defender getting an additional garrison into their home. Even if the probability scaled linearly, as basic statistical math would suggest, with a 5 minute scan and roll cycle between each hole, it would take approximately 43 hours of straight rolling in order to get an entrance into SYNDE’s home. This is in stark contrast to the literal minutes that it would take the attackers who have hole control to get reinforcements in if they’re ready and on standby.

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As time ticked away, many of SYNDE and their enemy coalition members passed the time by playing Among Us and Krunker. During this time, SYNDE leadership was working behind the scenes to figure out what was going on. “I was concerned about getting the TDSIN treatment,” Cyrus emphasized. "I want to continue playing this game and not have to leave the place that shapes me and my organization as players." After some digging, Cyrus and his team were able to disseminate the base issue behind this eviction: Their association with Peter Moonlight.

Peter Moonlight is a well known individual in the long standing community of wormhole space. Hailing from Eastern Europe, he has been an active member in the RU community of wormhole space since its inception. He’s an experienced PVPer with deep connections to his community, including to Adrameleth, CEO of the notorious Inner Hell corporation. But with this experience also comes a reputation. Some would regard Peter as a good friend and mentor, while others have named him their enemy. And arguably with good reason. According to an HK source, Peter has gone out of his way to accuse members of HK and their friends of “RMT, doxxing, IRL threats, etc.” Evidence of this harassment can be found in Praise Bob discord which is a well known watering hole for wormholers. Peter has yet to share publicly any evidence he may have of these accusations, but sources close to him (2nd hand information) have verified the existence of evidence to at least SOME of his claims. Hard Knocks members have very publicly and openly denied any accusations surrounding his claims and even encouraged him to produce any evidence of his claims if there is any at all to be seen.

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Jimmy Michaels, Fleet Commander and ops planner for Hard knocks stated, “This really all ties back to his nutjob friend 4 years ago who offered $75K bounty on rage.” (yes those are two links) He continues, “(Peter) has been using Cyrus and SYNDE as a platform to spread this misinformation as well as a shield to protect himself from any backlash.Peter’s corporation did come under the SYNDE alliance flag in late June of this year, but left less than four months later. When asked about this, Cyrus stated, “Peter and I had a major difference in opinion as to where we wanted to go as leaders and what we wanted to do in the game. I learned a lot from him but ultimately what he wanted to do in the game I could not follow and so we parted ways amicably.”

Interestingly enough, this eviction happened nearly two months after Suddenly Carebears departed SYNDE alliance. As a result, the public casus villi of this engagement gave members of SYNDE a bit of a shock. “I’m not sure what this accomplishes, we parted ways with Peter and we shouldn’t be held responsible for the things that he does when he’s not a part of our organization anymore,” a member of SYNDE expressed. Cyrus added, “It’s ironic because when Peter joined our organization, they explicitly warned me that Peter would get Inner Hell to evict me, not that they would come after me because of Peter.

But perhaps it’s not as simple as the story implies. “The list just goes on and on, just a shit load of people tired of everything,” an HK source stated. “There were RL threats during the eviction of ERB (SYNDE vs ERB). Orin also put in something around 50 hours of hole control as well as resources that SYNDE utilized to ensure the success of the eviction. They pulled something north of 200B and he (Orin) got 800m while peter got like 120B?” The source also provided me with a screenshot of a distasteful exchange between a SYNDE member and an openly gay person. For the record, “41% yourself” is a reference to the NTDS study that surveyed members of the LGBTQ community and found that 41% of their census had attempted suicide at some point in their lifetime. “We just kinda snapped one day in hk fc channel after Peter decided to come after Orin; he's literally the nicest guy we have, will never say a single bad or rude word about anyone,” the source concluded. Another HK source said, "It could have been hawks making him (Peter) FC and we would have evicted them instead. (We're) Just gonna burn anyone with an association with him." When I reached out to Mortarian Decala, executor of Wormhole Society, he stated that “we're not super keen on just attacking someone for the sake of it, but the reasons presented were enough where we felt it made sense.

Eventually, SYNDE structures fell. Their main fortizar in “F4” dropped nearly 65B in assets with untold amounts logged off in freighters. “I was pretty surprised that much dropped honestly, we just did a fortizar flip not too long ago, kind of crazy how much assets get accumulated in such a short amount of time,” Cyrus said. “You can never guarantee a 100% asset denial during these fights which is what makes Jspace a great place.”Cyrus made it clear that he’s not going to allow this to interfere with his organization's plans moving forward. “I hope all my people learn from this experience and look forward to what the future holds for us,” he said. “I’m looking forward to growing my organization as a whole and moving to High-class space as I think we’ve outgrown the C4 we’re in now. I'd like to leave the past behind and start a new chapter in high class.” Perhaps this was Bob the Wormhole God’s way of pushing them to do so sooner. When I asked about Hard Knocks and Co. pursuing them to their new home, a source stated, “This close to Christmas, we’re not keen on launching a full campaign. It depends on how they respond to this really.”

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Hard Knocks and co have all but completely vacated “F4” as of now. Cyrus and SYNDE have begun the initial phases of scouting out a new wormhole and are going to be taking it easy through the holiday as they re-consolidate.

Thank you to all of the sources who were willing to go on the record. Some names have been redacted in order to protect the identity of the sources and/or to prevent unnecessary drama in the community. My intention was to write a story, not take a position.

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