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The Great Hunter

Today’s little write up is going to forego the typical reddit shitposting and just tell a small story, albeit an analogy.

Some few years ago a hunter went into the woods, looking for game. He would be happy with a deer or turkey, or anything really. He needed to put food on the table. It was a time of plenty, the forests were full of nut and berry and teeming with life. It was great! Wherever the hunter went he found a large beast to take down and call the day a good hunt.

After some time, the forest was providing so much that there were more beasts than the hunter could kill. Sometimes the herds got so big, that the hunter was afraid of a stampede or on occasion the angry bulls of wild male boars would chase him off. It was a little bewildering and frustrating. So much game and yet sometimes he couldn’t get the kill he was so entitled too.

Well, the powers that be decided he was right. There were too many beasts in the forest and he should have an easier chance of catching something. The local authorities decided to clear cut much of the forest in hopes that there would be less bounty available, they said this time of drought would be good for the hunter. The remaining beasts would cluster and clammer closer and closer trying to get to the remaining food.

Every trip to the forest, the hunter noticed less and less of the prey he normally hunted. Surely because there was less food, they would and should all gather together where it remained. Meanwhile, the local authorities in the neighboring areas where hunting was prohibited, they did not clear cut. In fact, they added more abyssal gardens for wild animals to make a home.

The local authorities for the forest decided that the hunters needed more tools, obviously that was the reason they were starving. So, they gave them all thermal scopes and helicopters and tracking devices for the deer and elk. During this time, the authorities clear cut even more of the forest. Surely with almost no food left, the animals would come running for the last scraps at the table. All the hunters had to do was wait in hiding to snap them up!

A short distance away the leaders in the garden continued to allow the animals to graze in no danger and each day, more and more came to eat. So the leaders of the garden made more room for them and put up big signs “No hunters” and other signs that said “No bumpers” strange that sign. Eventually they added a small catch and release program, if game was big enough and went into the biggest garden, they could be hunted. But if they stayed in the smaller gardens they were protected by law.

Back in the forest, the authorities had decided that the animals had too many places to hide so they did what made sense. They dropped napalm on the last of the forest. Surely with no food, anywhere, and no reason to do anything but run into the hunter’s sites willingly… the hunters would get their meat!

Strangely, the forest was quiet. The animals all gone. The hunters having given up, now too moved on.

The local forest authorities were perplexed, they knew so much and were so wise and knowledgeable. They knew better than all of the forest authorities from before their time. How could it not work out EXACTLY like they thought, obviously the hunters and animals were in the wrong.

For those that need a key:

Forest = null

Garden = high sec

Authorities = CCP

(I omitted low sec, just like CCP does.)


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