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The Irrelevant Keepstar

There will be many things written about the fight that went down in the system of M2-XFE in Delve over the Keepstar called Big’s Disco Palace over New Year’s Eve 2020 but none will reflect the feelings of a little know corp called Discoverings, who joined Goons after the fall of Fade.

Yes, we were Space Monkeys and at the very beginning we as a corp held the C4C-Z4 gate in Fade for days as the Casino War kicked off. After Fade was evacuated and after a brief spell in the hell of hisec we join Goons for real. (Well, I say we, I had a short time in a corp inadvertently on the enemy side).

Now jump forward to the glory days of mining, ratting and building in relative peace, a challenge was offered to one of our members one evening on comms, bigandblue. He took up that challenge and started building a Keepstar, and of course that Keepstar was (is currently while writing) Big’s Disco Palace.

Biggy, as we call him, had a few rorquals (3 I believe) but not the fleets some in Goons ran, so to singlehandedly mine most of the ore required was amazing. He had also built himself a Titan which he then sold to help fund the rigs and fittings, despite being asked not to. Now the rest of us did contribute, we had corp mining and ratting ops, we held lotteries and contributed where we could but Biggy did most of the work. When we were ready to anchor, it was a choice between MO-GZ5 and M2-XFE for us. At the time a lot of our Corpies were ratting and mining in M2 as well as building in the Sotiyo of Echelon Research. So, in M2 it was placed.

Anyway, this is(was) OUR Keepstar, it has been called “irrelevant” and “not important” during the fight but we are proud of it none the less. We were the smallest corp in Goons to anchor a Keepstar at the time even though it was around the 30th to be placed. We held that position for some time. Now to have the biggest fight in the history of EVE to happen over this strategically unimportant citadel in space …. Well even if it is abandoned to its fate of being returned to space dust, we are proud. And Biggy should be …. Well done man, cheers to you. It will live in our memory forever even though it was considered irrelevant, we will not forget it's name!

Cheers all


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