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The Meta Show 10/9/21 – Island of Reykjavik Edition

Brisc Rubals new Infinity Picture Camera

Howdy folks, its been a while, but Brisc keeps talking about how dull things post war have been I figured I'd contribute to his entertainment by posting a TL;DR of the Meta Show for 10/9/21.

Since he's my boss in INIT, here goes!

My hope is that you all have had a splendid time recuperating from the war, are earning ISK in earnest, and the rebuild process is going well.

Show Statistics for 10/9/21

  • Brisc Suit: Black
  • Brisc Tie: None
  • Brisc Camera Changes: 2
  • Brisc Camera Freezes: 1
  • Brisc Mutes Himself: 0
  • Mittani Shirt: Black
  • Mittani Buttons Undone: 4
  • Merkelchen and Innominate Chad Level: 5
  • Swears: 27
  • Nom Chair Spins: 0
  • Total Viewers: 776
  • Total Runtime: 1:01:35

Brisc Soap Box

  • Post War eve and official forums are boring sans propaganda posts etc.
  • This leaves more room for new players to post questions and get them answered however.
  • Brisc got a thinly veiled death threat on the EVE Forums for doing his CSM Duty to engage with the player-base. Shame on you, Mr Death Threat.
  • EVE Players complain a lot about things that don't matter, which cheapens the complaints about things that do matter.

Merkelchen's Amouranth Hour

  • INN Stands in Solidarity with Amouranth with her 5th and most recent ban.
  • Licking microphones while simulating swimming, while not to everyone's tastes isn't a bad thing, its just a thing.
  • INN earned $666 a month during the time period's highlighted in the most recent Twitch Leaks.
  • Mind1 is amazing and deserves all the bits, subs and donations despite one dude being mad at The Meta Show raiding Mind1's stream.
  • The Mittani pointed out that being angry at another persons much deserved success does not make you a protestor, it makes you an asshole.

The Mittani, Prince of Period Basis, Duke of Delve's Soap Box

  • Dreads and above are to expensive to build with regards to Risk/Reward even with the new capitol PVE.
  • CCP (with the assistance of Kenneth Feld) ruined Industry, which is now broken courtesy of his terrible suggestions and CCP's Jesus Take The Wheel implementations.
  • CCP will keep plowing ahead in an attempt to fix it, vs putting a stop to new changes or rolling them back and admitting they were wrong.
  • Brisc wants people to give CCP the benefit of the doubt on new things being pushed.
  • Innominate says they don't deserve that yet due to the consistency of bad stuff pushed recently.
  • Nom and Brisc exchanged Wierd Al Videos until 3 AM much to the annoyance of Mrs Brisc and the amusement of Merkelchen.

EVE Meetup News

  • EVE Vegas is in two weeks.
  • There will be no Meta Show during EVE Vegas Weekend
  • EVE DC Announced for January
  • You don't need to know anyone to have fun at these meets. Join the discords, introduce yourself to those attending, all are welcome regardless of in game alliances.
  • Be social, have fun, don't bring up EVE rivalries as that is not what these meetups are for.

That's it for this week, not much EVE News as there hasn't been much validatable EVE news. Fly save everyone!

Editors Note: To my friend the Marvelously Muscled yet Merciful Mercenary, Marcus Murphy; if you're reading this I hope EVE retirement is treating you well.


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