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The New Eden Federation – High Sec Power Bloc. Join up and create a better New Eden!

Content of the article: "The New Eden Federation – High Sec Power Bloc. Join up and create a better New Eden!"

The New Eden Federation has been created!

New Eden in High Security space is on the verge of huge changes with the upcoming Quantum Cores expansion. Many citadels will be in danger once these changes go live in January. Just as all of New Eden witnessed the first week when abandoned structures went live. There will be many war declarations across high security space. The New Eden Federation is being formed to protect High Security space, Citadels, Pilots, and all Corporations and Alliances that make High Security Space their home. The New Eden Federation will be the next major power bloc in New Eden. Those that control High Security will control all of New Eden.

Over the coming weeks I will be sharing more details of what the New Eden Federation is, will be doing, and of the structure that will shape High Security space into a haven for everyone under its banner and feared by the rest.

The main goals of the New Eden Federation are

  • To unite and protect every pilot, corporation, alliance, and assets within high security space.
  • To create and make wealth for all corporations and pilots within the New Eden Federation and also Allies.
  • To drive out any outside force from High Security Space that is not associated with the New Eden Federation (null security blocs, high sec war dec players, gankers, etc.)
  • The continuous destruction of every high sec war dec citadel (griefers as they are called)

Some of the things the New Eden Federation will offer

  • Ship Replacement Program (SRP) for when you lose a ship during combat.
  • Citadel Protection for anyone in High Security even if you are not part of the federation.
  • Payment structure for all wealth generated by the federation that will be paid into the corporations within the federation per month including allies (blues).
  • Paid positions within the federation (fleet admiral, fleet commanders, mining formans, regional managers, constellation managers, miners and recruitment directors (more info on all of these later on)). Note: With mining the paid positions will not be “ore buyback” but actually paid by the hour (isk) at a set rate depending on ship used and skills.
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In closing the New Eden Federation will be looking to accept all pilots from any game play style they play in High Security Space and protect all regions of High Sec. There is much more to the above and greater more ambitious plans in the works! As we get closer to January more will be shared! There will be many battles to fight and many ships to be lost but glory and riches will befall everyone within the New Eden Federation.

Expansion Timeline

  • Amass PVP Pilots before January 1st and have everyone within the NEF PVP side of the alliance ready to fly into battle by the 1st week of 2021.
  • January – fight and protect all Citadels during the first month of the Quantum Core expansion.
  • Mid-January – War Dec and removal of all high security war dec citadels (and the continuation throughout the year of 2021 of this)
  • February – start up the non PVP wing of the New Eden Federation. Those that just want to live within High Sec unbothered.
  • February – Territorial control of high security regions. (the wealth generation part).
  • March – Regional/constellation managers, and corporations will be put in charge of sections of high security to draw on the wealth from those areas.
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Want to Join now?

Contact Eden Trade (main in-game or Discord Eden Trade#7009)

Corporations will be set up within the New Eden Federation for PVP Pilots to join this coming weekend for those that currently do not have a corporation.

Corporations can apply to join the New Eden Federation. in game. (In-game alliance name is New Eden Federation. That's with a period at the end and the exec corp is New Eden Trade and Market).

Don't want to put your corp under the NEF alliance but want to help? Then you can become allies in wars etc. and still get the SRP that the NEF gets as well! Contact Eden Trade for details. Same goes for other Alliances.

Every pilot and corp will be accepted.

Every pilot even 1 day old new will have a role within the PVP Structure of the NEF.

Be aware January 1st and on the New Eden Federation alliance will be PVP focused and at war within high security space 100% of the time. This means you will not be able to mission, mine, travel, etc. in high sec safely unless within a fleet. Highly recommended that you have a secondary character that will be out of the NEF for any of the other activities not associated with the PVP wing.

Things are subject to change etc.

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Question: How is this being funded? By me (Eden Trade). With my market skills and current operation that is pulling 100bil a month. Shareholders are still being paid back but over the next several months more of that 100bil will freed up to be used within the NEF.

Like/support the idea of what I am doing but can't join the NEF for whatever reason. Then consider donating ships, ISK, mods, etc. Everything helps!

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