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The Paradox of PvE in the Sandbox

Content of the article: "The Paradox of PvE in the Sandbox"

We all know the sayings. "You'll lose ships. Don't fly what you can't afford to lose. PVP is mandatory." Many will tell those who lose a ship in PVP "welcome to EVE, HTFU or go back to WoW".

And yet we routinely tolerate WoW -like things in EVE itself.

Most EVE PVE "sites" are

  • called "dungeons" internally by CCP
  • scripted, predictable, repeatable
  • "solved," in terms of "the right way to run them" and with which ship fits
  • more gankable than WoW, but that's besides the point:

Predictable PvE content runs counter to the sandbox principles EVE supposedly stands for:

  • creates an artificial divide between PVE gameplay and PVP gameplay, especially with ship fittings
  • teaches new PvE players bad habits that will not serve them in PVP
  • sets up pilots who invest in the former to fail at the latter

EVE is trying to be both a Sandbox AND a Themepark, to it's own detriment. If you enjoy running PvE sites in EVE ad nauseam in safety, yet you look down upon WoW players — I say you are a hypocrite. Alternatively, do you actually enjoy that, or do you do it because you've resigned yourself to it as the Necessary Evil to fuel your PVP…?

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Make EVE … more "totally" EVE. Stand out, DON'T give in and pander to the World of Warcrafters for "marketability." DOUBLE DOWN on the sandbox and the "adapt or die" mentality. Use well-crafted, player-like AI to teach newcomers how to fight and survive and adopt the EVE Mentality that we strive to tell newbies when they lose their ships.

List of changes I'd make to PVE:

  • significantly higher rewards than we have now
  • scram and web you and use tactics directly inspired by real PVP pilots
  • show a sense of 'intelligent self-preservation'
  • varying degrees of Diamond Rat AI – easier near newbie systems, harder in null
  • thus they teach you how to fight players by fighting them
  • "repeatable, runnable sites" as we know them would cease to exist to the predictability they are now; you would have to D-Scan and devise a plan on the fly

TLDR: The repeatable, predictable WoW-like nature of most EVE PvE is toxic to the game's very nature. Diamond Rat AI on Everything (while a simplification, you get the idea) is the future. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

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