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The problem with Amarr battleships in PvE

Content of the article: "The problem with Amarr battleships in PvE"

(More specifically, L4 missions)

It's not the fact that they are locked to EM/Therm damage (except the Geddon) – otherwise the Paladin wouldn't slap as much as it does if you put it into the right environment.

It's how capacitor-hungry lasers are. With maxed skills, and having fitted nothing but a full rack of T2 Mega Pulse Lasers:

Apoc/Napoc: Cap exhausted after 9m32s
Abaddon: Cap exhausted after 5m51s
NGeddon: Stable at 33.1%
Paladin: Stable at 73.6% because that ship has basically infinite capacitor

Now, I'm not a proponent of cap-stable fits. In fact, I strongly oppose those – learn to manage your ship's resources and have enough damage and one doesn't even need 3 minutes of peak cap to get through all L4s except maybe one, and in many cases one can even trigger through them aggressively. Also, I am one of the few proponents of cap booster use in PvE. Charges are cheap and people can stop crippling their fitting by putting half a dozen capacitor mods on them. However, cap boosters are best used to power a strong burst tank to get through the times of peak incoming damage (and are thus great for triggering mission more aggressively), not to keep a spaceship's basic functionality running.

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So, aspiring Amarr battleship pilots have basically four other choices:

  1. Fly the standard Geddon, which is basically a worse Dominix
  2. Fly the Navygeddon, which is a 650M ISK hull
  3. Fly something else until one can fly the Paladin (have fun skilling Marauder V)
  4. Oh and I guess the Nightmare also exists, if one wants a slightly worse (but mostly just different) Paladin. But once again, a 850M ISK hull. And requires skilling Caldari

All these options suck.

The saddest thing is, it wasn't always this way. In the olden days, before being rebalanced in 2013, the Apoc and Napoc carried a 10% decrease in Large Energy Turret activation cost per skill level. Back then, I actually was a huge fan of especially the Napoc as a long-range laser platform, but she died to me the moment she became her current incarnation.

Finally, there are three ways to balance this:

  1. Reduce the activation cost of large energy turrets, either by altering their stats or re-introducing ship bonuses. The first option might be problematic as it would make the already very cap-comfortable Paladin even more so.
  2. Increase the capacitor of the T1 Amarr battleships. Problematic because it also makes them harder to neut in PvP.
  3. Abandon 8 slot laser racks. It's no coincidence that the 3 laserboats that don't suck are those that do not have to support 8 lasers. Of course that would also create problems in that Amarr BS would need extra damage bonuses to not be toothless. The Abaddon might simply get a larger damage bonus, but the Apoc would need to receive a role bonus, which would be a first for an empire T1 BS.
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