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The status of the game…

I have read a lot of the posts in Reddit and the Eve online posts and the largest comment I read is: “Why? Why are you doing this to my gameplay?” The simple answer: the bottom line. Unlike Black Desert (published by CCPs parent company), Eve is not a direct Pay-to-Win game although it still has many of the signatures of one. In one day, you can start a new character and get into a Titan if you have the money.

Since 2018 when Pearl Abyss purchased CCP, almost every isk making avenue has been nerfed 10% or more, because it slowly raises the cost of a player to play the game. Throw a frog into boiling water it will jump out but if you slowly increase the heat, frog legs for all. The most recent example of this is the new ESS update that makes ratting just a little harder. It adds mechanisms to reduce the amount of bounties in systems where it is quiet and only pays out every three hours and with little or no accountability or forcing PVP. The exception of this is the Triglavian invasion (abyssal sites, ect.) which in my opinion was a distraction for those whose gameplay was changing and had the direct attention of CCPs CEO. Even this was used to make region trading harder by removing the Niarja pipe from Jita to Amarr. Don’t fool yourself by thinking the players were going to be able to stop this, it was heavily weighted to the Triglavians.

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This has absolutely been done to increase revenue by making less innovative players pay for their subscription instead of PLEXing it. I am sure that when Pearl Abyss acquired CCP the first meeting with the executives was, “CCP you will make this harder to play Omega for free.” And CCP has come through big time. If you look at the link below you will see that revenue has increased every quarter since CCP started nerfing revenue streams.


I do not blame CCP for this, it is a business after all, and the point of business is profit. Finding the fine line of losing players and profit is the goal. The only thing I do resent CCP for is telling me that they are just fixing the ecosystem of the game. CCP once had an economist on staff to manage the economy and you cannot tell me that the “Game Managers” know more that an economist does. Not even close.

I do a lot of different things in Eve and it has captured my attention longer than any other game I have played. However, I am getting tired of the changes. Getting beat with the stick instead of fed any carrot gets old.

Keep flying it like you stole it!

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