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The Truth About D2-HOS


https://br.evetools.org/br/60260b5206fbf5001b4a20c1 (probably missing a sabre and stiletto or something)

TLDR: FAX Stronk, Dock Stronker

FC for the Dock

fleet here

After watching the pilot episode of

TM I was feeling pretty jazzed up, like I knew I was capable of taking on the world. Valasius ( pbuh ) believes in me, so I must therefore believe in myself. So I hopped in my FC legion and pinged Cock Workers for some fights, getting into the most ELITE DOCTRINE IN THE GAME; AB Zealots and Deimos. We had a wormhole(r btw) into pure blind where a hull timer Tatara was supposed to be coming out. We had no contact with either side prior, but assumed everyone has us set to red so wanted to be careful about showing our hand before the fight started to get a proper third party.

So I jumped us into system 15 minutes early. It was a real pysops maneuver.

After sitting on our thumbs for 20 minutes waiting for the real aggressors to make their move, D2 began spiking. Banderlogs on the aggressing side with Nightmares w/ Fax support and Misbehave + Friends in Dreks, Legions, and Feroxes. We jump into system, warp to pings while I figure out how to use an expanded probe launcher (t1, you think I'm gonna spring for T2?). We do a little dance around trying to get into brave Aurora range, then finally settle into range off the ferox fleet. We pump through them while moving towards the shiny nightmares. We nuke a lot of the caldari trash and then attempt to break the nightmares under fax reps. Luckily for them, I broadcast as slow as it is taking PAPI to beat up 1 alliance. Nightmares and support hold quite well, with a few ships missing reps most likely due to the fact there were 3-4 fleets on grid not knowing what the fuck was going on. We switch to the defenders and pop a handful of legions, guards, and dreks. Then a dread escalation occurs, and some brilliant person messages me saying to shoot the dreads please "cunt".

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So of course I shot a few more legions and dreks out of spite.

Dreads slowly die and the nightmares warp out as they lose fax safety. At this point I call for us to whore on the dreads and then reposition ourselves on a tac. Banderlogs restrengthens their fleet and come back in, another fax still far off the tatara as it repairs. With 40 seconds left, I make the call to pause the tatara to keep the nightmares on grid. We burn into range and finally tell the defenders we won't shoot them in hopes of killing nightmares and prolonging the fight. (Thank SkillU for giving me a real intense hate boner for that hull). From this point on, we are effectively blue to Misbehave (i think im gonna puke)

Banderlogs warps a rev and the mino onto the tatara and begin chewing through the last quarter of hull remaining. I cycle my probes for an embarrassingly long time and finally warp to the nightmares at 10km, load multi, and start chewing through. The fax holds a lot of the nightmares, but allows us to eat a few lokis and scimitars before being ethered, and our king of HIC pilot holds the nightmares long enough for us to make them bleed. Banderlogs do end up killing the tatara and winning the objective, but at a massive cost.

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This ones for you, Melkie.

In all seriousness and bad joking aside, we came in with the idea of third partying on a fight and did just that. To Banderlogs, well done. You guys held a crazy grid for a long time, even at great cost. You're welcome for holding the timer for you. (Send isk to Alazaar Dameion)

To Misbehave, well fought try defending, but you let that fax live for way too long. Sorry your citadel died and that you thought we weren't going to shoot you, but that was one of the best fights I've been in in a long time. Next time I'll keep it alive, I promise.

GFs all around. If you can't tell in the video, I made a fair few fuck ups but it worked out in the end.

Thank you for coming to my ted talk.

ps mods can we get some fuckin flair pls

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