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this game is so frustrating to me. i am a noob and i have a hard time getting into it

hi. after like 5 years i am trying to get into eve…again. i tried it many years ago and left after a few weeks after not being able to find a fun activity besides scanning which i really like actually.

i logged off totally frustrated a few minutes ago. again.
let me try to explain what i did and what i have a problem with which i cant seem to solve myself.
i tried the game again and started scanning stuff. watched the tutorial videos which where really helpful in refreshing my memory about scanning. i also watched several tutorial videos. so i started scannin in 1.0-0.4 and at some point i came into a space where some big bad npc triangle thingys which where like 50km away where. i thought i was fine and i was wrong. after like 1 minute i got oneshotted by them. i have met a few people which invited me to a private noob channel to provide help and they told me these where some extremely powerful npcs that infest sectors and nobody goes out of their way to kill them because its a lot of work and not worth it. so i need to avoid them if i find them.

after some time i decided to do npc combat mission to get some money because i felt completely lost in navigating around the universe without just popping out somewhere i get killed unexpected. ive seen in some videos that people check the map for recent ship kills, look stuff up on the internet on some sites, just so they know if they can savely make the next jump… which seems crazy to me to be honest. navigating in this game seems hard as hell and it seems like i have to tab out constantly to check some websites besides playing.

so after farming stupid easy missions and getting my level 1 agent rep up to like 6.7 and still not getting anything worthwhile out of it i thought maybe i can use my small drone combat frigatte to find some opportunities to salvage stuff or something. the noob channel reminded me about worm holes so i watched the tutorial vid. fine. lets find a grey worm hole which can only let small ships pass and see what happens. passed through one hole an don the other side was nothing. so i looked at the scanner window which actually showed stuff. so i found some combat sites or something. cant remember the exact name. and since its a low level hole and only lets frigattes in i thought well this should be save to jump in and kill whatever npcs i find. wrong. i jumped over and i got the message that some sleepers got up and they killed me in seconds.

now im frustrated again and kidna pissed off because i dont know how this stupid game works. i would love to search for some relics and hack some stuff and hope to find something valuable but everywhere i got, its just a matter of time before i stumble into some space where some npcs just instantly kill me off.
how do you navigate in this game ffs?! how do you avoid these situations i get caught in every time? how do you determine how hard the enemies are you are facing? for me, seemingly understanding kinda nothing i guess, its a totally random gamble and every jump could be my death. this is a very frustrating game experience for me.

maybe you guys can help me, maybe not. i am interested in hearing your thoughts on my situation. i try to at least give some feedback on how i experienced eve online getting into the game as a total noob and explain where i hit walls.


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