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This new interface is bad, like real bad

I received a email that on one of my alts, there's the opportunity to either complete the new NPE or get 200k isk. I tried playing some Apex Legends but servers are fucked atm, let's check what is everyone complaining about.

First, after I login I get a notification about some 833.992 unallocated skillpoints. I click on that and I get this screen in the image below. I've been playing since 2014. No winning. At least a few hours per week, sometimes I ran 3 accounts 10 hours pe day. If I'm lost in this fullscreen interface, then all the new people are fucked.


Okay, lets go from top to bottom, left to right.

Skill Plans/Certified plans. What is that and how does that makes sense to a new player? If you hover on the Skill Plans its one description, if you hover on the Certified Plans it has another description. But guess what? They're the same button. That doesn't do anything, because it's already selected. It's probably something to do with the big AIR button that doesn't mean anything to me, a medium rare vet, and jackshit to a new player. What's AIR suppose to mean on that big button? Do I press it? Not yet!

We have Skill Catalogue/Personal Plans that are two buttons, each with something else happening. Skill Catalogue, kinda makes sense, it's like we had on the character sheet and I will not brag here about the fact that I can't select multiple skills and drag them all in the skill queue.

Oh. My bad. Skill plans it's actually the title, and it has Certified Plans and Personal Plans as under categories. While Skill Catalogue it's another category, on the same level with Skill Plans but that doesn't have any buttons.

Ok, never mind, before clicking the big AIR button I would like to hold a moment of silence for the training queue on the far right that invites us to "Drag one or more skills here to start training" but there are no skills on the page that can be dragged.

Back to the button, pressing opens another window that has some weird icons, one that looks like a turret so its something to do with a module, and something that resembles a head with cogwheels… Two tip boxes on hover. Big blue button "Track Plan" That's the button that does shit in this game, right? Right?


God damn, now there's two of them. The "Add skills to the training queue" doesn't do anything to a new player, the red round button is not something that I wanna press, do I. Cause years, decades of GUIs have told me that a big red button is Cancel, Delete, stuff like this. I've gone so far, I don't wanna go back to start. Ill press the other big button, Show Skill Plan Contents. Nice. Now There's a bigger red button that it's saying Buy Missing Skillbooks. Just a confirmation. In a mmo rpg that is proud to have a player driven market, there's no notification about that, that maybe, maybe you can buy that cheaper on the free player market… No, just nothing. And it's hefty diference 58k vs 28k in Jita. Also the Explorer, Enforcer, Industrialist, Soldier of Fortune are locked behind that AIR Skillplan. Do I even want to do that? Cause names don't mean anything to me except for the Explorer and Industrialist.

I applied some SP and found out that Enforcer means Ratter or Mission Runner and Soldier of Fortune means either Faction Warfare or Pirate.

And it's buggy. After I closed it to check the new full body character sheet, the skill sheet doesnt even open up.


The former in-game map, charcter sheet, the Agency, expert system and everything didn't ruin so much the experience as this did. How this even got on TQ? No design language that is used everywhere, it's like there are multiple groups not working together. I honestly would prefer to play eve online in command line than use this new GUY that shits on everything that GUIs have ever taught me from linux, windows, android, ios, other games and even random webpages.


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