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Those of you who left nullsec, why?

Bear with me for a minute, I need to just kinda vent a little bit…

I'm just debating what I wanna do with my EVE-life. I live in Delve, and quite frankly, I don't care if it burns. I don't care who wins this war one way or the other, because it never felt like my war, like I don't feel like I have any stake in it one way or another. But even if there was, this whole thing's just stupid. Yet another campaign of purgation/extermination/castigation against Goonswarm, because that has totally worked in the past. And only because grrr gonz, I don't think I've ever heard any other entity that had such language used against them, "we're going to wipe them out of the game". Which is inherently stupid, because no matter how many times Goonswarm has been defeated, their entire playerbase has never committed seppuku at their keyboards afterwards. But yet again, "ohhh hurr durr we're gonna exterminate them from new eden lmaooooo" You mean the way BoB tried that? Or the first time EVE's "entire playerbase" united against them in the Casino War/WWB? Or when they forgot to pay their bills one time? Bruh. And I mean I get it, for a lot of people, there needs to be a legitimate "enemy" and Goons fill that role happily because we like being the Underdog or whatever but do you see anybody saying they're going to "exterminate" any other alliance from the entire game?

Or maybe it's just because there doesn't seem to be an end. Shit reads like America's wars, it's war for war's sake, so someone, somewhere, who has nothing to do with me and doesn't know my name, much less care about if I live or die can become richer and/or more powerful. Now obviously the "live or die" part doesn't pertain to EVE, but I hope you understand me anyway. It's why I got out the Army after one tour in Afghanistan. But it's like, is there ever going to be an end? If so, when? A lot of us thought M2- would be the nail in the coffin, yet here we are. And some of you don't want it to end, because you don't care about any higher strategic objectives, for you, there's always a fleet going out, there's always something to shoot. And you know what, if that's how you wanna play, fine. Enjoy yourself. I hope it doesn't come across as this, but I'm not here to bash one player type or play style over another. Some of you, as long as there's something to shoot and SRP for whatever you lose, you'll do this shit all day. Good for you. But otherwise, is there even a point to this shit anymore? When will it be enough? When will one side blink and throw in the towel so we can all get on with life?

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So that's where I'm at. Just over it, man…I don't hate Goons. I don't hate PAPI. I don't hate anybody in this game, and can't understand why so many people hate over space pixels and an internet connection like we all didn't inherit quite a few more important things to worry about in the last year or so. I don't care about the pings, not even the MAX D00DS ones, couldn't even tell you when's the last time I went on a fleet. I just….why. Literally, why. What does my ship's presence, for better or for worse, affect the outcome of yet another battle in our never-ending battle against Eurasia. Or was it Eastasia? It's like you don't even get the "We love Eastasia! We hate Eurasia!" part, you just get told to undock and get on the fucking titan.

I know I'm not the first nor last person to feel such a way, hence the title: those of you who walked away from null life, or from the endless Bloc power struggles, the structure bashing, the F1 monkeying…how'd you do it? Why? Tell me your stories, what was it for you that made you decide you'd had enough?

I don't know what I wanna do yet. I know there's plenty to do in Goons, but then there's plenty to do outside of Goons. I have half a mind to just go to highsec and run level 4 missions for a while and just…vibe. Like don't worry about your wallet, don't worry about how many millions or billions you have, just treat EVE as a space MMO, nothing more, nothing less. "Fall in love with it again", if you will. Remember why you started playing way back in 2008. But then I don't know, there's also wormholes, which I've never done, there's mining and PI which I've never done, Sleepers, Triglavians, EDENCOMM, I know they exist but that's it. Never cared much for them, usually because they would drop while I was away from the game, and anyone who's taken a months/years-long EVE break will tell you how daunting it can be to re-learn the game sometimes.

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But then tbh, I don't know about where yall are in the world (I'm in Germany) but our weather jumped up like 20 degrees (C) in the course of a week. Like half our Lockdown restrictions went away, you don't have to wear a mask in the city center ffs (from 6:30 – 19:00). Kinda reminded me "hey man, the sun's coming out, the weather's warming up, and you're definitely not spending summer, of all seasons, sat at home playing video games, especially after you spent every waking moment indoors because everything outside was frozen or illegal". I might win EVE altogether for a while. So funny, EVE is the only game I've ever heard of where to "win" is to quit. But yeah, all my alts have 30+ day skills queued (my main has Cap Ships 5, so 60), might PLEX them all one good time and just walk away for a bit. Come back in May/June and see what life's like then.

But for now, give me some ideas, or maybe I just wanna hear some other stories like mine for some reassurance. Those of you in my shoes, call it apathetic, call it burnt out, what have you, where did you go? What did you do to enhance your playing experience after you realized nullsec life wasn't for you?

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And either way, thanks for reading. I've been wanting to get this off my chest for weeks now. Thanks for hearing it out.

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