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Trig Wormhole Tracking (K-Space Perspective)

Content of the article: "Trig Wormhole Tracking (K-Space Perspective)"

So I'm trying to find better ways to track where wormholes might be spawning in K-Space, without the need of filaments.

I fly for the republic (faction) and thats the region (Metropolis / Heimatar / Derilik / Molden Heath) ending up in high sec of enemy territory isn't good for my health 🙂

Anyway, I use zkillboard to track when/if a player has been killed by Triglavian in K-Space, because in theory, unless its a minor victory site there shouldn't be wandering Tri anywhere in K-Space.


After that, I go to the system and scan for the wormhole and its usually there (obviously based on the time stamp)


From there, I've found other systems and I set up a bit of a patrol route. I use a covert ops ship to scan for trig ships (because theoretically (According to CCP) the WH's should show up near / around systems that are a part of the 27.

If I can track ship kills (like trig killing edencom ships) I could have sure fire way of tracking these wormholes without filaments.

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From just one of these sites, I've made about 250+ ish mill in assets (maybe more but the filaments havent settled in price market wise imo they will go down the better accessible they are) so its a lucrative activity to find these sites and clear them (its more waves than an emerging conduit, and there are scraming trigs)


This may be common knowledge to others, but it wasn't to me and I couldn't really find clear answers on how to find trig WH's easily which is good for me! I love mystery and figuring things out.

Right now, besides defending republic space, I'm trying to observe trig and edencom forces inside and outside the wormhole, if anyone else has any advice or even wants to help! Please let me know!

Fly safe, and defend your space!

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