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Trouble in Tribute: Leadership Votes, Corp Exits, and Carrier Losses

Things just keep getting worse for Pittsburgh2989 and his band of pariahs…

Leadership Vote
In what was expected to be an unceremonious transfer of power, Yabbiy (CEO of Ryba, prior exec of Elysians, also the person soley responsible for giving the alliance this questionable name) was voted out of alliance command by the other members of alliance leadership and Mapache Doom Mapache Doom | Character | zKillboard has been installed as the new alliance exec of Elysians. His first act as alliance exec was to demote Pittsburgh2989 from Alliance Command to "FC" and remove Admiral Wheeler as well, citing Pitts' toxicity with line members and the fact that Wheeler doesn't actually do anything. But this was hardly the start of this week's drama for the Elysians Command Structure.

Corp Exit
Tensions had been boiling in the FC Channel for months as Tridgit (historically terrible CEO of Iron Guard, an otherwise respected corp) kept sticking his nose into FC issues, trying to armchair quarterback the people who actually ran fleets. Tensions peaked on Wednesday of this week when I roasted him and told him to go fuck himself, which he did, by immediately removing his corp from alliance and then putting it into Fraternity. They're fucked now.

The Tale of a Dozen Carriers (150B Destroyed)
Battle Report Tool (evetools.org)
Not to be outdone by other people's drama, Original Sinners member Vlad Cetes decided to siege his rorqual on the moon we were mining, while another rorqual was already tackled in system, despite BlazingBunny and Pittsburgh both telling him not to. His rorqual proceeds to get tackled and attacked by a decent 40 man t3c gang led by Rote Kapelle. BlazingBunny does what any Capital FC would do and jumps in HAWs, Carriers and Triage to fight them off with minimal subcap support. Requests go out in comms for eyes in other hostile staging systems but the requests fall on empty ears. Someone asks "should we keep mining in our other systems?" Pittsburgh yells "quit fucking talking". Additional members of the AFC (Anti-Frat Coalition) materialize in system as BOSS, Snuff, BIGAB, and others show up to feast on the unsupported caps.

The Elysian triage are doing ok at first. Even Sidney's Haw Rev is doing well. "I'm tanking fine" Pitts calmly says. A cyno goes up. TRAP SPRUNG! Ten anti-cap dreads load into system right next to the Elysians caps. Haw dreads and carriers start dying. By this time, a small-sized Fraternity muninn gang arrives in system and begins to shoot back at the AFC hostiles and their caps. More than half of the BOSS dreads manage to escape tackle and extract and the Snuff Legion fleet makes a convenient exfil as well at the cost of a few devoters. The Rote Fleet was about to warp off at the last second, but an ISRAD flycatcher (accidentally????) got a bubble off just before the FRAT dictors landed on top of them. What was left of the ROTE fleet quickly died to the thirsty barrels of Frat's muninn fleet. All in all, 115B lost by our side at the cost of 40B to the seemingly well-prepared attackers. GF's all around.

Eyewitness Statements
Several Elysian members were contacted for comment regarding the fight and we have the following to report:
Kropotkin Peter was really excited his rorqual died so early in the engagement "I didn't have to worry about dual boxing because I was already dead, so I could just focus on my hurricane in the fight"
Vlad Cetes was unavailable for comment.
Rasta Enat was very glad he got to actually use his carrier for the first time in months to shoot something.
BlazingBunny seemed really happy that he only lost 20 caps.
Thomas Lear is apparently really upset with the fit on someone's Thanatos and wants to revamp the alliance fittings.
Pittsburgh2989 told me to go fuck myself.

This post will continue to be updated as more information comes in.

– Brothuhbob


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