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Useless Idea vs Parabellum/Mgla/Outfoxed –> eviction statement by UI3

Dear Capsuleers across New Eden

As an Useless Idea Diplo I want you to present our official statement about eviction that happend this weekend, to thank all defenders and congratulate winners.

Short AAR

On the 27th of June, 2021, in the early ET evening hours, our corporation was successfully evicted from our home by combined forces of P A R A B E L L U M, MGLA and Outfoxed.

Once the first timers were breached, the enemy forces took full control over our wormhole and kept it for the majority of the 3-day encounter.

The night before the final timers, we made the decision to make our stand, defend our space and take back control of the system.

At midnight ET, 26.06 we undocked to fight back. Due to the late night hour we were not expecting our aggressors to be in full force, as the previous day there were less than 10 of them.

Unfortunately, they were waiting for us in great numbers (70+). Fights that were going on during the night took over 3 hours.

Although our pilots were brave and we fought with all our might, we needed to acknowledge the superiority of our opponents who managed to outmaneuver us on each step of the encounter.


That was the end of our defense – the 3 hour fight in the middle of the night left us too tired to think about another fight within the next day. The wormhole was lost. We burned as much ground as we could behind us.

Our comment

We live in a wormhole long enough to understand that what happened was a normal event. We even knew that P A R A B E L L U M would come for us eventually – in the April of 2020 we successfully defended eviction initiated by their friends – Rusty Hyenas. We were perfectly aware that in 2020 we just won with the vanguard of a much more dangerous force. The bigger threat was always there – P A R A B E L L U M and their friends (f.e. MGLA) are a skillful and dedicated group, focused heavily on PvP and evictions. Unfortunately they couldn’t prove it this time because of some fox interference.

The second group that took part in our eviction were the Outfoxed. This group should be known by every wormholer, as Ashy (the Outfoxed CEO) is probably the main creator of content about the game, outside the game, when it comes to wormholes. Therefore, the involvement of Outfoxed in our eviction was a bit surprising. Below we’ve made assumptions about it – Ashy said that she is supposed to post about it too on her blog, so we decided to post our side now. Will link her post below when it will be public.

We have no exact knowledge why Outfoxed decided to get involved – allegedly we did kill or did not kill some Vargur or we did roll or did not roll some wormhole at some point in the past. We don’t know and honestly don’t care that much. In wormhole space you attack whoever you like – we are a PvP corporation and it is perfectly fine with us.

Although we have some comments about how it looked from our side. Outfoxed didn’t decide to attack us, but to jump on an opportunity created by P A R A B E L L U M – although they were allegedly preparing for evicting us. As a “preparation” they inserted a mole in our corporation 2 weeks ago that was monitoring our battle comms and providing all strategic information to our enemies through eviction. As much as we are flattered that Outfoxed judged that they are in no shape or form to win a fair fight versus us – we think this is very damaging to the wormhole community.

In our opinion, the involvement of a spy that caused all our efforts to be futile destroyed the fun you have from great fights. After the “big” battle reported above we were sad, but we thought we were simply bested by a superior enemy, which is not something to be ashamed of. We did our best, we did lose – that’s (wormhole) life sometimes. When the spy decided to expose himself it belittled our effort, but even more importantly, belittled the effort of P A R A B E L L U M and MGLA who showed ingame sportsmanship.

Closing remarks

We would like to send our sincere gratitude to all those who were willing and ready to help us in this grim weekend. The immediate response from our friends across New Eden was extremely encouraging and shows that we do not stand alone.

Also would like to congratulate P A R A B E L L U M and MGLA on the execution of the eviction against us. You have shown great strength and numbers, far beyond what we could take alone, and although we had some good moments you showed us that there is still much to learn.

On 28th of June our corporation stands stronger than ever. We will establish a new WH home again, and we will continue to roam WH space in search of 4F’s of wormholes – fun, fight, friendship and mating.

Full AAR will follow.

Fly safe, o7


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