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War in Deklein – Volta betrays RHP


you have heard the news: Deklein is engulfed in the flames of war after Volta thought it was an act of kindness to eradicate any trace of their long time ally Federation of Respect, Honor, Passion (RHP) from Deklein. This happens after RHP had just recently set up an additional staging in Volta Space to support them, made Volta CTA's mandatory for their pilots and other acts that were signs of a trusted partnership.

The war started yesterday with a Volta (plus Toilet Paper) Fleet nuking a roaming fleet from RHP without any warning while they were blue to each other. There was no formal declaration of war or any other warning as honorable alliances would do it. This will forever be a stain of disgrace on all involved Volta pilots and their leadership who thought this was a great idea. All pilots in New Eden now will know forever that you can be as close as possible to Volta and still be turbostomped the next day. Trust should never be given to Volta again.

A quickly formed revenge fleet from RHP was eradicated by Volta as well and then things escalated quickly with Volta reffing structures, disrupting jump bridges etc. all over Deklein. Instead of talking and negotating, Volta decided that we shall burn, for whatever reason has come to their mind.

The Federation is a small group. A group of industrialists. A group of many new players that are going into their first war.

We do not have massive numbers. We do not have hundreds of pilots to fly high-skill ships. We do not have a big Capital Umbrella.

We were simply a peaceful group of industrialists and miners who want to spend their two free hours after work with some fun in Space. We were a refuge for all players that did not want to participate in the large scale wars of Eden but rather stay with a tiny and closely knit group of players. A region where new players were welcomed with open arms.

Now all this is at stake. New Eden is again moving one further step to the big blue donut. Deklein is cut-off from the rest of New Eden. The effects will soon be felt in Jita, Amarr etc. because the Federation is the prime producer of some specialized materials, as we thrive in production and trading to enhance the game for all players instead of hoarding it all for us. We cannot do this while we are under siege in Deklein and cut off from the rest of Eve.

We will fight for our best and dig out any T1 ship we have to throw against the betrayers and keep our home. But the situation is dire.

Thus we call on all Capsuleers in New Eden that can identify themselves with small leisure groups and that feel that Eve is enriched by small Alliances holding a few systems, to support us.

Every one of you can have an impact: Join us in the defense. Support us with ships and finances. Do roams to Volta Space in Fade and Deklein.

Even you Exlorer in your tiny Heron can help us by scanning and hacking in Volta space. It will distract them and relieve pressure from us.

Volta Space is only a few jumps from Jita.

Thank you all for your support! It will make a difference and everyone who helps us will live forever with the great feeling to have helped an alliance survive!



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