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Where did Goons go after the great M2 escape?

As I listened to a PApi pilot discuss their great escape of more than half of their titan pilots from M2, he brought up reddit. Specifically, he talked about how Goons were not seen posting in reddit after FWST-8 keepstar was sucessfully anchored. And after 3 weeks of reddit memes about M2, Goons once again fell silent. This pilot attributed this as a result of our loss in morale, stamina and will for this war. Yet, FWST was anchored October 5th 2020 and we are still forming en mass for major defensive timers every day. And just today, we formed against massively outnumbered odds and succeeded with more strategic wins than losses (RIP 1-smeb KS zkillboard.com/kill/90301220/). This seriously contradicts the narrative that Goons are burned out and demoralized. So what is the situation in Goonswarm? To understand this, I would like to take you back before I joined Goonswarm…and hated them.

I created my character in 2007 and after staying in the noob corp for 60 days, it took me 7 days to find myself in Catch running with AAACitizens. I had a blast watching -a- Titans AOE fleets entering HED on the Keberz gate and the massive fleet fights of 200 players. I dreamed to be in -a- proper and chased this dream until I could fly every pvp doctrine they had, where I made a home with Black Aces (and still here running with Gree and the gang), Now, -a- had HIGH standards. Say what you want about their leadership, Russian fleetcom rages and diplomacy, (or lack there of) these guys were elites that followed ship doctrines to their maximum capacity. Plus, we had relative good relations with BoB. Goonswarm had a reputation of being the new but obnoxious lowsec powerhouse in Eve that intentionally broke every CCP mechanic they could. Example, they would bring 200+ players in t1 mining barges and shitfit t1 cruisers, force our 120 Apocalypse fleet doctrine to form against it (even cruisers with small guns and t1 mining barges with guns cause damage if left unchecked) and drop AOE titans on grid and kill everything, theirs and ours. Their average ship cost was around 10m each, while ours was 300m+ in a time where a single plex was 500m. New Eden learned about this strategy and quickly became a game breaking mechanic; form up cheap ships, drop AOE titans and hit the win button.

Then, they pulled off the greatest gaming heist in gaming history and used spies like New Eden had ever seen before, taking down BoB in the process. Our previous feelings of bitterness towards Goonswarm only grew when the safety of our East border was taken away without giving BoB a proper fight for Delve space. Time went on, Goons fell, rebuilt, and got back up several times as did -a- but my feelings about them never changed. Our last war as proper -a- (before they failcascaded into a shadow of their former selves) was against PL and their meat shield, TEST. We were strongly outnumbered and CCP created tidi mechanics (there's a story to tidi unrelated to my point about Goons but has great backstory for players in this game pre tidi vs post, specifically from -a- perspective. Before tidi, -a- relied on fleet discipline and Russian com rages to do everything exactly correct to fight numbers as much as 3 times our fleet numbers and still pull off wins many of the times. This was because the Russians mastered knowing how long it took to kill each ship type and move on to the next target while it still showed on overview they were in full health. As the server uploaded every 5 minutes, we would kill 3-4 for every one of ours. That's the off topic backstory of how tidi killed Against all Authority before PL did.)

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During our war with TEST and PL, Goons was playing a small but important role in helping us. In an alliance that shunned away from allies, too proud to win or lose in cheap blop fests, for -a- receiving any kind of aid, even logistical, was great for morale from the member's perspective. Goons became slightly less Goon; arrogant, toxic and bad for the game, in my books. Fast forwarding to the end of the war with -a-, TEST crushed our numbers with subcaps and PL's unchecked super fleet prepared us for our glorious defeat back to LGK, where Russians are no stranger to living out of Stain. Except this time PL followed and camped us with titans for months inside the LGK station. Many, myself included, stopped logging in and -a- fell apart.

When I finally logged back into the game, Black Aces were members with Goonswarm. I still had a bad taste for Goons at that time, but they lived in Delve, close to my assets in LGK and I am loyal to my corp as my history will prove. So I joined Goonswarm. Delve was at peace and I spent most of my time isolated in my corp comms to consider myself as a Goon, I just used their amenities and made isk. After all, I didn't want to join their cancer culture. But their organization inside Delve was spectacular and hard not to feel like they are considerate towards their member's needs. As time went on and I joined in war ops, mining ops, and logged onto twitch to watch Mittens and other Goon leaders give talking points, I started falling in love with Goon's culture. I found that Goons were respectful and supportive of fellow members. Many are IRL friends and it shows in the way they structured the alliance and communicated with their members. From a dorky internet spaceship game perspective, I felt like home. A bunch of nerds that want to be respected and have fun away from the responsibilities of real life.

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When this war kicked off, that fellowship only grew stronger. Instead of tearing each other apart, we built each other up. Starting with our leadership down to every member. We have grown closer by this experience. Our resolve is stronger today then it was 7 months ago. Mittens is a damn fish enthusiast that keeps us mused with his hysterically nerdy pings and Elysium talks that makes you love him and want him to be proud of you. Asher is the best sky Marshall i've had the honor to fly under. He is calm in all situations, can give personal stories while on fleet roams that makes you feel like a friend, yet a strong leader when he needs order and discipline. His personality is what makes me set timers late PM or early AM to be on his fleets. You want to follow him anywhere and a moments notice. In fact, when he attempted a Bosom trap on PApi's super fleet, my respect for him and dedication to fight this war grew in ways indescribable to grasp; their was a new fire inside that gave me purpose to play than killboard stats. I find myself daily chatting with my Goon friends, no, internet spaceship family, running on fleets and watching Merc rate his beer and kill citadels with Brisc and 10 of their friends. Or jamming to our DJ Mind1 in or out of game. We have awesome artists like Catlos, bloggers like Dr. Mibbles, rockstars that post Goon remix like Srisli and greatest freestyle twerkers that give shout outs to Goons like Lexi that has us excited about logging into Eve every day.

So where did the Goons go on reddit or other social platforms? They never left from taking the outnumbered fights and growing the only culture they care for, Goonswarm. They don't play for outside praises. In fact, you'll rarely see a Goon correct the stigma that the world of Eve is eager to paint us as; toxic bad guys bad for this game. Because Goons are too busy building a spaceship family inside and outside of the game to focus on it. This is why Goons won't be defeated. Not because Delve is a fortress. We fight for our culture. We fight for our friends. We fight for mittens and asher and all our FC's. We fight for a place where each member feels valued no matter what ship they fly or what their circumstances are IRL. So while PApi runs to reddit to seek your praise for undoing half of the damage they made in M2 and spin it as a win and Goons seems MIA in forums, remember this post and where we are or what we're about. It was not server issues, or putting more numbers into a grid this war that we will win. It's our amazing culture within, the leadership that cares, the members we enjoy flying with, the good music from Mind1 and the heart and soul of Goonswarm that can't ever be exterminated.- Monseniur Khatshatou

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