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Why are so many players leaving the Legacy Coalition at the moment?

To everyone who may be interested.

Let me tell you why corporations and alliances are leaving the Legacy Coalition.

There are a lot of things that have happened behind the scene which were hidden from a usual member of the coalition and furthermore players out of the coalition. The things are a scam, lie and and even worse.

First, let's start from the beginning of the war when it was said that more pilots participate as better for everyone. In a case, if an alliance can not afford lost ships the coalition always is ready to help. Some corporations and alliances still didn't get any compensation. So the coalition scammed their members just had used them and made isks with their help.

But that is not all. Corporations and alliances which were scammed produced a lot of ships ordered by the coalition in order to do prolonged war. But never received any payments for that.The coalition accepted only 0 isk contracts. Contracts with a fair price were ignored and never been accepted. Thus they just fucked off manufacturers in doggy.

Let's look at a trusty and trustworthy business partner.

During the war, several POSes were installed which hosted a looooot of large and expensive ships including capital ships, fractions ships and T3. But one day, they just disappeared. When they’ve been asked what happened they have tried to evade an answer, saying it is not their problem, that only we were responsible for loose and we should keep searching for where they have gone. And they were found! Later those ships were caught sight of at a market at TESTs keepstar.

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Let's go further. Friendly fire. There is compensation for killing TESTs pilots which is 5 times more of the kill. But the new pilot of Brave Alliance could make over 100kkk kills. Brave had been justifying they don't have isks for compensation and since TEST owes a lot of isk to Brave, we should claim compensation from TEST. So some pilots you can kill another you can't. Thus everyone is equal within the coalition but some are more equal.

And now my favorite topic – structures.

There was a rule, all main structures should be transferred to the main TESTs corporation. TEST declared if you want to leave the coalition they will give it back because we are friends. In fact, structures have never been given back. In the form of an ultimatum, TEST forced corporations to sell it for a very cheap or symbolic price. In a disagreement case, they just unanchor the structure deliberately destroying rigs showing how powerful and strong they are.

But that is not all!!! No, no, no, no, no, no, no! They shared information with enemies about unanchoring structures and specific times so that enemies would kill these or just take them without problems.

We are the family, we are friends…but only until you keep paying. As soon you leave the family you are a piece of shit.

But we didn't finish yet. It is just beginning.

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Many corps and allies transfer their structures to TEST. And what did they do? Right! They were thieves during the dark cold night when no one knew and could not see they just took off as a gift for themselves. In December 2020 when the coalition moved out they took those structures with them. The players who were helping them to grow, developing, secured them have been robbed but TEST was talking shit about them.

As of today, it is not a war. Russian community stopped the war a long time ago. They have shown their power in this war. The scorched earth tactic is meaningless. There is enough space for everyone but destroying everything is nonsense. Already this year it was known TEST leaves this space. They started unanchoring their structures but only which belong to TEST. They never told anything to their brothers and friends. Fuck it, just save your own asses and do not care about others.

Legacy Coalition with TEST making the same mistake as N3 which had good systems and had a good business in it. But they always were not happy and always didn't like something. As a result, they collapsed their own coalition.

When the enemies launched an offensive in the Immensea region it became clear to everyone they were abandoning everyone and did not need anyone anymore. They always said: "you are our brothers and sisters, you are our friends, we are always together." As a result, they saved only their property and screwed everyone else.

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Many, too many friends have left this coalition and now it is time for us Alliance . This is not our family and we see no future together.

And to be honest who won the war. Papi coalition participated with their fleet in 70-80% times more than ours. So looking at numbers who won?

For every newbie, if you see the Imperium coalition moving out from somewhere this does not mean they have been defeated and they will disappear soon. Just look at the history of the last wars and see if I'm right or wrong.


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