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Why using isk price to balance titans is a bad idea

Bit of a rant here, but I know alot of people think similiar things that I do, so posting this to hope maybe someone at CCP can make a better decision about balancing isk costs and looking at super proliferation.

Lets rewind years back, pre 2016. The gate that kept alot of people from getting a super or titan was not isk. Hell I had the isk to burn a titan and super years before I finally pulled the trigger, and I know alot of people were the same way. The gateway was that supers/titans could not dock. That meant, that when I bought my first aeon, I was commiting that toon to never do anything outside of respond to a super ping. My first year of having a super, I might have used it a dozen times or so. I was in nulli, and we had a very powerful aeon/archon blob we would drop on people, and we had quite a reputation with it, and yet our fleet on a balls to the wall CTA would look like 50ish aeons and a few hundred archons, with random subcap stuff. Occasionally we would drop titans as well, but a few dozen at most. That was considered a mega fuck you back then, then our aeons would go back to the POS, and maybe login again in a month or two usually. A common coversation we had back then, was to make the jump to go from super to titan. On the one hand, you have a titan, on the other they were even less used then supers were aside from bridging, so it was many a conversation that was had about if it was worth it. Most titan pilots I knew also had a super pilot account. We had alot of archon pilots who did not want to make the jump to an aeon, despite have 100s of billions in isk, because they did not want to coffin a toon. Sometimes it was serious pulling of teeth to get people to finally make the leap.

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Fast forward to today. On one account you can have a super and a titan, and you can dock. The idea of buying something only to use it once in a blue moon does not matter, since isk is the only gate. You can afford to own a titan that may or may not get used, or you cant. Making titans cost twice or more then twice what they use to cost, will surely make it harder for newer players to afford one, but still isk is now the only gate. Why not just remove docking access to supers and titans. This will make it so only dedicated supers and titans will stay with their ships, and the more casual titan/supers will get out of them in many cases. Titan and super numbers will drop dramitically. If you do not believe me, look at super/titan activialy pre keepstars and post keepstars. "But bro, as the game goes on longer, more people can afford them, that is why there are more titans/supers around" I mean that would make sense if titans weren't in the game for an eternity already, and less people play eve now then then. There were more players, and less titans, now its reversed. Everyone has a titan or 2, plus their supers, etc etc.

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"But groups like atlas and morsis used supers every day back then, how is that different" The diff is the number, yeah atlas would drop supers on anything, but it was like 10-20 supers, not 200. The famous sound clip that gets spammed on reddit now and again with Grath raging over PL supers dying, that entire super drop was like 15 supers, and half of them died, and that was a mega big deal back then. Now a dozen supers dying is barely reddit worthy.

"But bruh, some people want a titan but cant afford to have a ton of subbed accounts" I mean, you already have a ton of subbed accounts if you have a titan. You have a main, and a fax alt at a minimum already, and that is less then bare minimum to most players. Most titan pilots even today are rocking 4-5+ accounts because it is kind of needed if you wanna fly such things.

TL:DR isk is not gonna fix titan/super proliferation, removing docking access to such ships on the other hand will reduce the number around as some players will out right refuse to coffin their characters.

Also, since dreads kind of counter supers/titans, can we not make them cost a fortune? As is, making dreads cost the amount that they do only makes it easier for supers and titans to trade. In the fcon war in 2018, TRI deployed what they refered to as "Poverty dreads" Which after insurance and everything, they were a net loss of about 800mil, that includes the modules and everything. It was hella cheap to drop dreads and trade, and TRI used them effectively to welp them at every super/titan they could with great success. Now, nuking supers at 50-60bil a piece is rough if your losing dreads in the process, you can more easily be in a position where you kill supers, but you lost way more in dreads.

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